TECHFEST MUNICH – 72 hours, 300 hackers, makers and designers, and prizes worth 30,000 euros


Technology is evolving faster all the time, and opening up new applications every second. From September 9 to 11, 2016, within a period of just 72 hours, hackers, makers and designers will be using state-of-the-art technologies to develop innovative products and services that are transforming our lives. What will the laboratory of the future look like? Does wearing augmented-reality glasses give truck drivers a more comfortable ride? How can LED strips be used to light up evening dresses?

For those who want to analyze data from the last three months of the MAN and FlixBus fleet, or to visualize or reinvent the cockpit with VR and AR, the MAN Transportation Track is the place to go. Next 47/Siemens is also interested in the new possibilities provided by virtual reality: the plan is to develop training sessions at the TECHFEST with the aid of VR for employees in production.

Despite automation, work inside chemistry labs is still much as it was one hundred years ago. At the Smart Automation Track, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca wants to find out what the laboratory of the future will look like. How can the use of robots, augmented reality and software help with the development, testing and analysis of new substances? AstraZeneca will be providing equipment and experts to demonstrate that.

Light up your dress and stadiums

At the OSRAM Illumination Track, LED strips can be integrated into adidas textiles, shoes and backpacks as security applications, fashion innovations or sports tracking applications. The adidas Sport Sensors Challenge is all about the ‘smart ball’ – an intelligent sports ball equipped with sensors. The plan is to develop new applications for it – in the future, maybe whole stadiums will light up each time a goal is scored?

There’s more than one reality!

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality – there’s more than one reality! For the Microsoft HoloLens, participants can develop programs for augmented reality; and with the HTC VIVE or the Oculus Rift, they can plunge into the world of virtual reality.

In addition to the Transportation, Illumination and Smart Automation Tracks, the so-called Wild Track provides space for the implementation of ideas without any set topic, e.g. from the fields of art, light or virtual reality.

The entire IoT hardware for the TECHFEST is being provided by UnternehmerTUM. Tech experts – e.g. from Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft – will be there to explain the new technologies and answer questions, and coaches from UnternehmerTUM will be in attendance for brainstorming, team-building and prototyping sessions. In the MakerSpace, teams can quickly build their first prototypes using 3D printers and laser cutting machines, as well as the textile workshop.

Tai Chi and meditation, talks, installations, DJs and bands will all provide the perfect festival atmosphere.

TECHSLAM with cool prizes: table at the Oktoberfest, tablets and money

At the final TECHSLAM on Sunday, the teams will be pitching their product and service ideas for prizes collectively worth over 30,000 euros - including a table at the Oktoberfest, Amazon AWS credits, and tablets. The first prize at the finale is worth 2,500 euros, the second prize 1,000 euros, and the third prize 500 euros.

The TECHFEST MUNICH is realized in cooperation with the Technische Universität München and will be held in the Entrepreneurship Center in Garching near Munich. Participation, catering and FlixBus Shuttle access from all over Europe are free of charge. Find out more, and register by
31 August at www.techfestmunich.com.