Business plan basic seminar

Focus: business idea and market

Do you have an idea that you would like to turn into a business? Or would you like to explore becoming an entrepreneur one day? Then the business plan basic seminar is for you! 

In an interdisciplinary team of 3-4 students you will dive into your chosen project, understand your customer in depth, get out of the building to conduct many interviews, and develop your best solution. All these results you will then capture in a final presentation as well as a business plan read deck. 

Will you have to do this alone? Nope, you can choose a coach who will be with you every step of the way on this amazing, hands-on, real-life journey.

How you will benefit:
  • Develop your business idea in agile, iterative cycles with a lot of real-life feedback 
  • Meet with your team whenever and wherever you want because this seminar is held completely online 
  • Have your personal coach right beside you and get support from experienced lecturers
NOTE: This seminar is usually accredited for 3-4 ECTS, and requires 7-10 hours of work per week and participant. It’s a journey far beyond the academic ground, and you absolutely get out what you put in.


The number of participants is limited. This seminar is booked out. The waiting list is also closed now.


All course communication will happen on slack, so join us here as well: https://join.slack.com/t/utum-techtalents/signup (channel: bpg_ws1819)

Your personal contact

Patrycja Krauzowicz


Senior Expert
Entrepreneurship & Tech Education

@ seminare@unternehmertum.de

The most important aspects at a glance

  • target group





    The awarding of ECTS varies in the different study programmes. For queries, please address your Student Secretariat or Examination Office. Module ID in TUMonline: WI000159


    The seminar includes:
    On-site kickoff at UnternehmerTUM
    Online sessions every two weeks
    Teamwork online or offline, free choice
    On-site final presentation at UnternehmerTUM


    1 hour mandatory online session every two weeks
    7-10 hours teamwork per week (including calls with your coach) 

  • cost 

    For students (matriculated at a German university) and PhD students (TUM), attendance is free of charge.

  • Prototyping
    Get 6 month free access to MakerSpace as well as 1 free machine training
  • Lecturers
    Franziska Heyde, Christian Orth
    Lecturers' profiles

Contents and Prerequisites


1 | Customer Problem & Needs

Your idea will solve a specific problem. Understand this problem as deeply as possible, and conduct problem focused interviews with your customers and users.

2 | Solution & Prototype

Prototype your solution with the needs of your customers and users in mind. Show them, don’t tell. Conduct solution focused interviews with your customers and users to develop your minimum viable product.

3 | Market & Competition

Understand the industry you will be in, estimate your market, and differentiate your business idea from competitors already out there. Verify your positioning by USP focused interviews with your customers and users.

4 | Business Model & Business Plan

Develop your financial model based on the learnings from your interviews and educated assumptions. Wrap it all up in a business plan read deck.

5 | Presentation Training

Prepare a really good final presentation and receive input from a professional presentation trainer as well as hands-on support by your personal coach.

  • prerequisites

    Team formation

    You can only take part in the seminar in teams (min 2 ppl, max 5 ppl)! We support team formation on slack, during the ideation workshop, the team building workshop and at the seminar kickoff. Your team needs to be formed until 28.10.2018!

    Kickoff attendance

    At the kickoff you meet the course coaches as well as lecturers, and we give important information. Therefore, the kickoff is mandatory for at least 1 person per team.

    Your personal Coach

    Working with your personal coach is not mandatory, but highly recommended. If you choose the guidance of a coach, you need to reach out pro-actively at the kickoff and communicate regularly with your coach throughout the seminar.

    Digital tools

    To get the best experience out of this online seminar you need to be willing to work with our digital tools Slack (for course, coach, and team communication), Google Classroom (for handouts, and deliverable uploads), and Zoom (for bi-weekly online sessions)


Upcoming Important Dates

  • Ideation Workshop (optional)

Idea generation and team formation
Lecturer: Chris Eberl
Time:   9 October 2018, 10:00-12:00 OR 12:30-14:30
Venue: TUM Entrepreneurship Center, Lichtenbergstr. 6, Garching (room 004)

  • Team Building Workshop (optional)

Team formation
Lecturer: Dominik Böhler
Time: 17 October 2018, 16:00-18:00
Venue: UnternehmerTUM, Lichtenbergstr. 6, Garching (MakerSpace project room)

  • Inspirational Pitch Night - meet alumni from previous semester (optional)

Team formation
Lecturer: Dominik Böhler
Time: 17 October 2018, 18:00-20:00
Venue: UnternehmerTUM, Lichtenbergstr. 6, Garching (MakerSpace project room)

  • Business plan seminar kickoff (mandatory - at least 1 person per team)

Seminar information, idea vernissage, team formation, coaches and lecturers
Time: 23 October 2018, 16:00-19:00
Venue: UnternehmerTUM, Lichtenbergstr. 6, Garching Research Center (room 004)

  • Franziska Heyde
    Franziska Heyde is a senior expert at UnternehmerTUM Entrepreneurship & Tech Education. As a business graduate of TU Berlin, she specialized and worked in innovation management and is also certified as a trainer in adult education. Besides her work at UnternehmerTUM she coaches Sustainable Entrepreneurs during their start-up phase and is co-founder of the Eco-Retreat and Course Centre "Greenstones" in Sweden as well as the first German Online Tai Chi school „MasterArts Training".

    @ heyde@unternehmertum.de

  • Christian Orth
    Christian Orth is a serial entrepreneur, online marketer, and business coach. He founded three startups in the realm of martial arts and health, with his newest business being “MasterArts Training” the first German Online Tai Chi school. As a former manager at Deutscher Herold he has a strong sales background and is passionate about online marketing. At UnternehmerTUM Christian Orth is an external trainer and coach. 

    @ christian@creadeas.de