When Monkeys Teach Monkeys - How AI Makes Us More Human

02/17/2020, 6:30 PM - 02/17/2020, 8:30 PM
Place: The ATLAS, Floor 4 Rosenheimer Str. 143 C, 81671 Munich
Host: Digital Product School by UnternehmerTUM

What is intelligence in artificial and human sense? Can machines develop consciousness and how would we recognize this? Are machines capable of showing and feeling empathy? If a God created us human beings, and we human beings created a super-intelligence - that is, we create something more perfect - has God failed? Are we then gods? Does AI help us to become immortal? How did the Greeks already imagine robots and AI and how does that differ from our ideas? Which ethical questions arise with intelligent machines? And what does that make us?



Speaker: Mario Herger 

6:30 pm: Start with pizza & drinks
7:00 pm: Talk with Mario Heger
8:00 pm: Discussion & Networking
8:30 pm: End