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[x] MakerSpace Scholarship

sponsored by Zeidler-Forschungs-Stiftung

Zeidler MINT-Maker Scholarship

You have an idea? You are a creator? A tinkerer? You would like to use the MakerSpace high-tech workshop free of charge? Then apply for a Zeidler MINT-Maker scholarship!

The Zeidler MINT-Maker scholarship programme enables more than 800 students to use the UnternehmerTUM  MakerSpace high-tech workshop free of charge every year.

Your benefits:
  • Realize your own projects
  • Access to the MakerSpace prototyping workshop
  • Interdisciplinary Maker Community


To apply, please fill out the application form online. If you have any questions, contact Julia Greßler: gressler@unternehmertum.de

Your personal contact

Julia Greßler

Julia greßler

Executive Assistent

+49 89-18 94 69-1115
@ gressler@unternehmertum.de


at a glance

  • Target Group

    Students of the MINT subjects (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology) at the TU Munich as well as other Universities with their own project ideas. Student projects are also possible.

  • Requirements

    MINT students are to apply with their own project idea. Especially sought after are new materials and extraordinary ideas. Projects involving industry are excluded from the funding.

  • Duration and Benefits

    Each scholarship holder will receive access to MakerSpace for a period of six months throughout the Zeidler MINT-Maker scholarship.

    Within the duration of the scholarship it is possible to take part in a course from the A / B category. More courses are available upon request and if it is required for your project.

    Materials for your project in the workshop are not provided and must be purchased by the scholarship holder. It is possible to order material through the MakerSpace workshop.



  1. Register using the online application form.
  2. Sign up at the MakerSpace Front Desk. To register, you need a valid student ID. It gives you free access to MakerSpace and an A / B course of your choice. Note: It is recommended to book the course immediately when registering. The quota is limited - First come. First served.
  3. Once your access to MakerSpace has expired, you may extend your membership for another six months by showing your valid student ID card at the front desk and paying a one-off membership fee of € 30.

If you need more courses for your project, visit one of our Meetups and briefly present your project. Alternatively, you can sign up for a UnternehmerTUM Uni course, for example Think.Make.Start, Manage & More, Bio Innovation etc.

Note: Privacy and IP
Of course, we will treat your application, ideas and projects in the strictest of confidence. The employees of UnternehmerTUM and Zeidler-Forschungs-Stiftung are committed to the secrecy of all data.

About the Zeidler MINT-Maker scholarship

The Zeidler Research Foundation finances the MINT-Maker scholarship program and gives the selected students access to the high-tech workshop UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace. In the students practical and project-based modules on selected courses and ‘free’ projects, students can understand, apply and deepen their academic knowledge. With access to industrial machines, tools and state-of-the-art software, the scholarship holders work on their own projects and products. In this way, the students become creative and discover for themselves their own abilities and interests.