Our initiative Women Start-up excites and motivates women to become involved in technology and entrepreneurship. We help you discover your talents and provide you with the right qualifications to found a start-up. On your path to becoming a founder, we support you hands-on and offer consulting.

Join the community and meet other inspiring women and female founders. We organize network events, start-up visits, and workshops. Events that are open to all are part of our offer: feel free to bring along others and expand our common network. Our regular morning jour fixe is an informal exchange that takes place at different venues.

We need more women in the tech start-up scene. Considering the societal challenges we’re facing, we can’t afford to do without the entrepreneurial power and creativity of women. That’s why we founded the Women Start-up initiative: to encourage women and support them in setting up their own business or getting involved in a start-up.

Dr. Helmut Schönenberger, founder and CEO of UnternehmerTUM

Our Offer

Network Events

Women at and around UnternehmerTUM: exchange ideas, network, support each other! Here, you’ll find the ideal framework. We organize events and start-up visits, invite keynote speakers, and plan meetups. The events are usually open to everyone: feel free to invite others and strengthen the community.


What challenges are you facing? What do you need on the way to your own start-up? We offer customized workshops that are tailored to your problems and needs. Depending on your phase (before or during the process of founding), there are different topics that play a role and those are specifically what we want to address.

Here are a few examples of workshops we offer: Ideation, Business Design, Prototyping, Entrepreneurial Personality & Leadership, Pitch Training, Venture Financing, Women at Makerspace, Raising Awareness.

EIT Projekt Women in Urban Mobility

Since the beginning of 2021 we bring together our passion for empowering women and our knowledge about urban mobility. Together with our partners from Barcelona and Sofia we want to give urban mobility a more gender diverse perspective.

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As the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich, we offer founders and start-ups an all-round service from first idea to market leadership. Here, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts find the right program to move forward.

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With our pre-incubation program, we’re supporting founders and start-ups with tech-based ideas. Prepare for incubation and acquire your first seed capital.

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We support strong high-tech teams on their way to market entry. Validate your business model, win your first customers and secure your first investment.

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Our five-month accelerator program TechFounders provides your start-up with great prospects for growth - thanks to coachings and our extensive network.

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Academy for Innovators

We equip you with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to transform vision into action. By embracing the power of project-based learning, coaching, and personal development, we unlock the potential of innovators who shape our future.

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Manage and More

Students on their journey to becoming a leadership personality or start-up founder will find a range of hands-on courses and individual support with us.

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Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation

Our MBA program for entrepreneurial professionals and future leaders: become a driver for innovation and create impact.

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Digital Product School

Digital Product School (DPS) is a three-month training program: we enable the next generation of digital product makers to create user-friendly applications.

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Executive Trainings

As a leading executive in your start-up, you'll learn to secure rounds of financing and to successfully master the challenges of growth.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Our exchange program with stipends for aspiring entrepreneurs: build up your international business mindset and receive mentoring from an experienced founder.

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Success Stories

Eleonore Eisath


Biotic recycling process for plastics

Lucie Driesen


Hardware and app to increase adherence
– effortless and seamless

Isabell Franck


Cognitive machine learning

Dr Iris Schwenk

HQS Quantum Simulations


Maria Sievert


Rethinking pathology

Ekaterina Grib Eirini Psallida


Smart robotic elevators

Dr Friderike Bruchmann


Digital adverse event reporting system

Dr Mona Spaeth Dr Hanna Jakob


Apps for speech therapy

Cecilia Chiolerio Dorothea Haider


Community-managed coworking

Katharina Kreitz


Measurements in fluids


Susanne Traugott

Project Leader

Susanne Traugott



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