DLD Sync with Francesca Bria & Helmut Schönenberger: "Building A Sustainable Future For Europe"


In January 2021, the European Commission launched the New European Bauhaus – a creative and interdisciplinary initiative to drive the green transformation of our continent.

Speaker: Francesca Bria (Italian National Innovation Fund) & Helmut Schönenberger (UnternehmerTUM)

The New European Bauhaus sets out to support, facilitate, and accelerate innovations at the crossroads of art, science and technology. It is a call to action and a collective effort to imagine and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful. To build this future, it needs a team of architects, makers, operators and supporters with many different skill sets. Therefore, fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems which thrive through cross-disciplinary collaboration is a key factor for transferring this high-aiming vision into real-world solutions.

In this DLD Sync conversation, we will hear from Francesca Bria, member of the New European Bauhaus high-level roundtable and President of the newly created Italian National Innovation Fund, and Helmut Schönenberger, CEO of UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s largest and highly successful entrepreneurship center. Drawing from their profound expertise in innovation management they will give us insights into their very own ecosystems and discuss ideas how the vision of the New European Bauhaus can be a catalyst for a new wave of entrepreneurial innovation across Europe.

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