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Virtual Event


Celebrate the grand finale of XPLORE Venture Creator Batch #1 in 2024 with us! Witness innovative start-ups across sectors like AI, Healthcare, and Quantum Technologies as they pitch their groundbreaking projects.

Join Us for the XPLORE Venture Creator Batch #1/2024 Final Pitch Event!

Embark on an unforgettable journey and witness the pinnacle of entrepreneurial excellence at the Grand Finale of XPLORE Venture Creator Batch #1 in 2024! This exclusive showcase marks the culmination of weeks of unwavering commitment and transformative evolution for our pioneering ventures.

Prepare to be captivated by an array of early-stage start-up pitches spanning diverse sectors such as LegalTech, Robotics/AI, Healthcare, Food/Agro/BioTech, Sustainability, Software/AI, Built Environment, and the cutting-edge realm of Quantum Technologies.

Our XPLORE Venture Creator Batch is a testament to innovation, featuring avant-garde projects, dynamic teams, and guidance from industry titans. After over 70 hours of strategic input sessions, hands-on workshops, and invaluable feedback, these ventures are ready to present their sophisticated technologies and concepts.

Get ready for a high-stakes experience as each start-up takes center stage to pitch their ideas live and virtually for three minutes, sharing riveting stories of progress and innovation.

Whether you seek an in-depth exploration of these remarkable teams, a celebration of their triumphs, or the opportunity to shape the future as part of the next XPLORE Venture Creator Batch, this is your invitation.