June 2023 2
Munich Urban Colab
Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5
80797 München
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Connect, Learn, and Grow at HACK'N'TALK, the Premier Community Event for Entrepreneurs and Innovators!

We'll begin with an introduction to the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, laying the foundation for an incredible lineup created in collaboration with Women Start-up, Digital Hub Mobility and MakerSpace as the partner of this HACK'N'TALK event. Special thank you to our sponsors Gründerland Bayern and Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie.

This HACK'N'TALK has a special and inclusive focus on mobility. Mobility means more than just traffic; it often plays a decisive role in many areas of life. During this event, we'll delve into the broader implications of mobility, exploring how it enables participation in social life and influences various life decisions.

Dive into the Future with Professor Dr.-Ing. Chiara Manfletti: A Trailblazer in Space and Innovation. As the Director and COO of Neuraspace, and a respected Professor of Space Propulsion and Mobility at the Technical University of Munich, Chiara's expertise effortlessly spans the cosmos and the classroom. Her enthralling career, navigating pivotal roles at the German Aerospace Center, DLR, and shaping policies at the European Space Agency (ESA), is a testament to her unyielding dedication to stretching the boundaries of what's possible. She was nominated as the first President of the then just founded Portuguese national space agency, Portugal Space. Keep your curiosity ignited as we prepare to unveil the title of her upcoming keynote – a title that captures the essence of innovation, leadership, and the limitless cosmic frontier.

Following the talk, we'll dive into an interactive Q&A session, giving you a chance to engage with our Keynote Speaker and share your burning questions.

But that's not all – we're providing a remarkable opportunity for ambitious mobility-focused start-ups to shine! We're offering six pitching slots for start-ups eager to present their innovative venture on stage in a concise 1-minute pitch. If you'd like to seize this opportunity and pitch your start-up in the field of mobility, fill out the form to apply for a slot. All our pitchers will receive free pitch training beforehand to prepare you for your best performance.

To further enhance your experience, we offer an exclusive MakerSpace tour, granting you firsthand exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Networking is a vital component of any entrepreneurial gathering, and at HACK'N'TALK, we prioritize this aspect. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals, forging valuable connections that can propel your start-up journey forward.

We're delighted to introduce an Extraordinary Matchmaking Opportunity. As we approach the event, we'll establish a dedicated Miro board and curate a physical booth on-site. These platforms will serve as instrumental conduits, facilitating connections with kindred co-founders, adept team members, strategic partners, or potential investors. This dynamic interaction promises to fuel novel cooperative ventures and propel mutual growth.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! We're thrilled to partner with TrendMover, a gamified community app designed to empower and engage with the start-up world. With TrendMover, you can showcase your start-up, connect with potential teammates, and even compare your portfolio to peers. We'll actively use the app during the event, and you can vote for your favorite presenting start-up.

At HACK'N'TALK, we value your input and your questions. We constantly strive to create an incredible experience and would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Karoline Schnitzer at xplore@unternehmertum.de

We can't wait to welcome you to HACK'N'TALK and connect with you!