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Opportunities Emerging from New Space – How to Launch a Space Satellite Startup. With Thomas Grübler, CEO & Co-founder, OroraTech.

During his studies at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, Thomas Grübler was already conducting research for two successful space projects: in the first project he launched an experiment into space on a sounding rocket, in the second he developed the hardware of a CubeSat’s Attitude Determination and Control System which is currently operated in orbit. At the same time, Thomas gained founding experience by working with several start-ups. He was selected for TUM’s Manage&More program to run an 18-month leadership and entrepreneurial program. Thomas’ enthusiasm for solving complex problems through technology led him to found Orora Technologies. Orora Tech is focusing on solving the global climate issue by providing realtime alerts for severe events, starting with wildfires. He is a sought-after presenter at industry conferences and events throughout Europe.

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