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27. Juli 2021
16 Uhr – 16:30 Uhr
Virtual Event
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This U Talk was recorded in the context of HACK ‘N’ TALK.

HACK’N’TALK is a monthly community event created for entrepreneurs, innovators, and hackers to meet, exchange and create, hosted by Lisa Schebitz - Project Leader and Anna-Theresa Schmalholz Event- and Community Manager at UnternehmerTUM.

Are you a builder or a consumer?

A simple question that had a major impact on the life of Dr. Tina Ruseva. In her journey as an entrepreneur, she has built everything from games and graphics to a career and a family. Now she shares her unique perspective on the question, the dangers of technology, and the importance of having a purpose.

In the digital age, she discusses how we can all be seen as builders in the sense of globally connecting, clicking, liking, and interacting with each other. Each person’s action is contributing and thus the potential for further innovation and a combined effort in solving current world problems are endless. Time has come to take ownership of your role as a builder. Although the technology of the digital age opens a wide range of opportunities, Tina also shares the potential dangers. Lastly, we learn how doing things right doesn’t necessarily mean doing the right things. Tina highlights the importance of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and its potential impacts. The courage lies not in being an entrepreneur, but in maintaining one’s purpose!

Tune in and be inspired to take your place as a builder and pursue your entrepreneurial visions with a purpose.

Dr. Tina Ruseva, Founder and CEO of Mentessa GmbH

This talk was held in English.

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