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19. April 2024
12 Uhr – 13 Uhr
Virtual Event


Info and Q&A-Session about the three XPLORE offerings. The XPLORE team will be #xplaining what to expect from the offerings in detail.

📢 Attention all aspiring entrepreneurs and committed early-stage tech start-up teams — learn how to join XPLORE by UnternehmerTUM!

🚀 Get all the details about our three offerings and elevate your early stage start-up!

🎯 Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a start-up team looking to take your ideas to the next level? Join us for the XPLAINING XPLORE Online Info Event and discover how our three dynamic offerings can help you transform your tech ideas into thriving businesses.

Whether you're refining your market understanding, developing a go-to-market strategy, or need a custom training journey; from tech-idea to viable business model XPLORE has the perfect program to suit your needs.


  • Welcome & intro (5 mins)
  • What is XPLORE (5 mins)
  • The 3 XPLORE Programs (20 mins)
  • Q&A (30 mins)

❓ Join our esteemed team for an insightful session where we will:

  • Delve deep into the details of the programs
  • Share inside knowledge about the application process, unveil the program agenda, and divulge the secrets behind our unique guided matchmaking offering.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our live online session!

For any questions contact us at xplore@unternehmertum.de

See you there!