Munich, July 13, 2020. Today is the kick-off of the 12th batch of the start-up accelerator program TechFounders. The Munich-based accelerator program of UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and business creation, will host ten innovative technology start-ups over the next 20 weeks. Due to the current situation and regulations, the program’s first phase will be held virtually.

During the upcoming 20 weeks, TechFounders will support the start-ups with individual training, coaching and mentoring to scale their companies and prepare them for their next financing round.

In addition, the selected start-ups will conduct a pilot project with one of the TechFounders’ corporate partners ALDI, Nord & ALDI SÜD, DATEV eG, Festo, Knorr-Bremse and Miele. In the upcoming batch, TechFounders also supports an additional start-up that works closely on a solution to help with the Corona crisis. The selected start-up joins the program without a collaboration with one of the corporate partners, but with an overall support from TechFounders to develop their product ready-to-use and to further distribution.

The future of the selected start-ups looks promising: 92% of the TechFounders program’s alumni companies are still active. Since 2015, TechFounders alumni start-ups have collected in total close to EUR 300M financing capital and created over 1,700 jobs and therefore contributed significantly to the growth of the German start-up ecosystem. Success stories such as Konux, ProGlove, or Inveox prove that the TechFounders concept works.

The combination of highly individual coaching, projects with industry leaders on real use cases and a rich network of experienced mentors and investors give start-ups a massive boost at an early stage. At the same time, the established business partners can use the solutions of start-ups to develop new, innovative products and digitalize their traditional business models.

The TechFounders Batch #12 Start-ups Are:


Munich-based Ebenbuild offers a solution that can be lifesaving to patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a condition that can be caused by severe illnesses such as COVID-19. In ARDS lungs cannot provide the body’s vital organs with enough oxygen and mechanical ventilators are mandatory part of the treatment. The start-up founded by Kei Müller has developed a software that uses computed tomography and machine learning to create a virtual, patient-specific digital twin of the lungs. This enables automated, personalized and precise prediction of the optimal mode of ventilation that can be used anywhere, from highly specialized to remote hospitals.


Ecomply offers an all-in-one GDPR compliance solution for companies. The company founded by Hauke Holtkamp turns data protection and privacy management into a seamless process for businesses. The Munich-based start-up’s solution strips down the complexity of GDPR and guides companies step by step down the process of complying with national data legislation. Their service saves companies the expense and trouble of hiring an external consultant and reminds of upcoming data protection tasks. (Corporate partner: Datev eG)


FixFirst from Berlin keeps home appliances healthy and supports global change towards a circular economy. The start-up’s AI-powered software provides the user with an instant error analysis and remote video consultations from the local repair services providers, manufacturers, retailers, and insurances. It also offers a booking for inspections and repairs and recommends sustainable appliances. The solution extends the appliance’s life span and saves consumer the trouble of waiting in customer service line. The start-up was founded by Sebastian Daus and aligns with the ambitions of the European Commission Circular Economy Action Plan. (Corporate partner: Miele)


FotoNow helps to identify a wide range of typical manufacturing quality issues with their AIpowered visual manufacturing inspection system. The Munich-based start-up’s solution reduces manufacturing costs by decreasing the number of production interruptions and manual inspections. Their solution is ideal for frequently changing high-value manufacturing, such as in the automotive industry. FotoNow integrates easily with the existing manufacturing and enterprise systems and works with almost any type of camera, including the ones in smartphone devices. (Corporate partner: Festo)


Betterfish from Berlin introduces the newest food trend. The start-up’s sustainable food products are a unique combination of organic sea plants from Europe and locally grown vegetables. The founders of the company, Jacob Von Manteuffel and Deniz Ficicioglu, are passionate about driving positive impact on the oceans and maritime industry. The start-up’s sea salad won PETA’s Vegan Food Award 2020 and the company’s next product expansion will be plant-based alternatives for tuna. (Corporate partner: ALDI Nord & ALDI SÜD)


The growing population of our planet is forcing us to find new sustainable and waste-free food sources. This demand lead to the founding of Mushlabs, a start-up which brings the food industry, sustainability, and tech together. This company founded by Mazen Rizk is creating the next generation sustainable food from fungi, the living organisms that mushrooms are the fruiting body of. The Berlin-based start-up believes in the power of biotechnology to change the way people eat by producing tastier, healthier and more sustainable foods. (Corporate partner: ALDI Nord & ALDI SÜD)

Sause UG

Sause offers sustainable and vegan alternative to the conventional liquid soap. The Munich based start-up’s fizzy tablets simply dissolve in tap water, making them lighter and smaller in size comparing to the water-containing options. The weight-loss leads to reduced transportation costs and CO2 emissions and the packaging is completely plastic-free. The start-up was founded by Moritz Simsch and Sebastian Jung who want to offer clever sustainable solutions that allows people to maintain their usual level of comfort without exploiting the planet. (Corporate partner: ALDI Nord & ALDI SÜD)


PYLOT from Munich makes autonomous driving a reality. The start-up is building the leading teleoperation software platform that enables autonomous vehicles to be truly driverless. Their platform has been developed together with various German manufacturers and combines the power of artificial and human intelligence. The company was founded by Nico Schönenberger and believes that the power of new mobility will change the world by making it greener, safer and more connected.


WeavAir from Toronto, Canada, is improving indoor air quality and potentially saving human lives. The start-up was founded by Natalia Mykhaylova and develops solutions to indoor air problems using AI, advanced sensors, and secure blockchain technologies. Their data-driven solution for ventilation system can help predict issues early and prevent the spreading infections and contamination. In addition, their solution optimizes system energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption up to 20%. (Corporate partner: Knorr-Bremse)


Whether you are a small business with a single webpage or a big corporation with multiple sites, WebTotem has you covered. The start-up from Warsaw, Poland, offers a personal AI-powered security assistant that keeps your site safe. Their solution covers all stages of cyberattacks and discovers outdated third-part components. In addition, it offers risk calculations and security recommendations. The company was founded by Victoria Umanska and their solution has already been awarded in the biggest international hacking competitions. (Corporate partner: Festo)

At the end of the 20-week program on November 30, the start-ups will present themselves at the UnternehmerTUM’s Ultimate Demo Day in front of an audience consisting of venture capital firms, business angels, industry representatives, experienced founders and the media.


TechFounders is the 20-week tech-start-up accelerator program that strategically coaches start-ups, brings them together with established businesses, and prepares them for the next venture capital round with individual coaching and a broad mentoring network. A total of 109 start-ups have joined the accelerator program since 2015. With TechFounders, UnternehmerTUM strengthens its role as a central platform for cooperation between start-ups and companies.

Together with UnternehmerTUM’s innovation consultancy UnternehmerTUM Business Creators, TechFounders also operates the accelerator program in Munich and the RESPOND Accelerator Program for the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

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