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The best preparation for your future career

At Manage&More you will be introduced to genuine project work and, working in interdisciplinary teams, will develop creative solutions to concrete questions. As if by-the-by, you will acquire in just three semesters the key areas of expertise which you will need for your successful career. You will be supervised by your personal mentor from the UnternehmerTUM network and a coach who will support you at regular interviews, providing recommendations drawn from practical experience and encouraging your strengths.

How you will benefit:
  • Acquiring key areas of expertise
  • Gaining experience on genuine projects
  • Building up and expanding your own network


Registration for the current application procedure will be via our online form (you will need to log in). Until end of June you will be able to apply for the Winter Semester 2015-16.

You can obtain detailed information about participation in the programme at Requirements for participation.

Apply now!

Your personal contact

Dr Sabrina Niederle

Executive Director Manage&More, Entrepreneurship Education

+49 89-18 94 69-1551
@ niederle@unternehmertum.de

The most important aspects at a glance

  • target group


  • Format

    qualification programme

  • Duration

    18 months with an average of 15 hours a week

  • Credit Points

    Depending on your course, the whole programme or individual sections of it may be recognised as credit points, teaching programmes or practical classes (e.g. recognition in the sum of 6 credit points on Industrial Economics course at the LMU).

  • Cost

    Attendance is free of charge.

Contents and sequence

  • Work on genuine projects

    Manage&More is centred on work involving innovation projects. Gain project experience at businesses from various different sectors. Put your idea into practice in a business set-up project and build up your own business, step by step. 

  • Developing solutions

    Work with businesses on innovative projects involving concrete problems and develop the right solutions. Whether it's on a set-up or innovation project – you can make your contribution in a thoroughly get-up-and-go way and build up your areas of expertise.

  • Acquiring key areas of expertise

    The Manage&More programme offers numerous opportunities not just to discover methods and tools in theory but to apply them immediately in a practical way. You will train your presentation and project-management skills, learn to unfold your creative potential, and discover the personal strengths of your management style.

  • Expanding your individual skills

    At our regular coaching sessions your strengths will be analysed and expanded. Joint interviews will open up new perspectives which will help you to achieve your career goals and personal objectives.

  • Personal supervision by a mentor

    For the duration of the programme you will be assisted by your personal mentor, who will provide you with an insight into successful business management. Often the contact extends beyond the period of Manage&More and will open up opportunities for you of starting your career.

  • Active design of programme

    Along with the actual project work, you will be able to join actively in designing the Manage&More programme, e.g. by managing the Facebook page, organising events, or maintaining contacts with former students and international partners.

We shall be awarding 20 scholarships per semester for the 18-month programme.

  • You must be studying at an institute of higher education in Munich and be at least in your third semester (does not apply to dual and foundation courses) and be getting good results.
  • You will be wanting to found your own business or take on managerial responsibilities in the firm.
  • You think and act entrepreneurially.
  • You will be engaged closely in particular initiatives or in your own business.
  • You are able to contribute initial experience in interdisciplinary project and teamwork.
  • You must have an average of 15 hours a week time for Manage&More (partly also during the vacations).

Application procedure

Dates in the 2015 Winter Semester

Stage 1 – Online Application

  • 28.06.2015: End of online application
  • by 03.07.2015: Notification (via E-mail) on preselection

Stage 2 – Subimt application document digitally

  • by 06.07.2015: Upload of application documents
  • by 13.07.2015: Notification (via E-Mail) on selection and applying interviews

Stufe 3 – Applying interviews

  •  23./24. and  27./28.07.2015: Interviews
  • by 31.07.2015: Notification (via E-Mail)

Manage&More - Introduction days

  • Expected to take place on 28./29.08.2015: outside Munich (overnight stay)
  • 07.-23.09.2015: at UnternehmerTUM GmbH in Garching

Got questions about the programme?
Marina Moskvina    
+49 89 18 94 69-1554
@ moskvina@unternehmertum.de

Got questionst for a  Manage&More participant?

Success stories

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    Verena Schechner, CEO of NOAX Technologies AG
    Although taking over "NOAX Technologies" from her parents wasn’t a specific goal during her time at university, this is exactly what Manage&More alumna Verena Schechner did only three years after her graduation. Today she’s the CEO of the company, which is producing rugged and reliable industrial PCs "Made in Germany". Her time with Manage&More was a crucial part of the preparation to master this step successfully: Amongst other things she learned to develop promising innovations for companies like BMW – in an interdisciplinary team and in close cooperation with the customer.

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    Andreas Kunze und Dennis Humhal, co-founders of KONUX
    Success all along the line: Manage&More scholarship holders Andreas Kunze and Dennis Humhal, jointly with fellow participants, developed an optical measurement principle by which, for instance, the acceleration of vehicles can be determined. The team applied for a patent for the technology, produced a prototype with the Fraunhofer Institute of Tools and Metalwork, and is in negotiation with a number of medium-sized and DAX-listed companies for a partnership. Meanwhile KONUX has won several competitions and attracted considerably more than 100,000 Euros of capital. The team was one of the winners of the Munich Business Plan Competition and the Siemens Idea Challenge, received 40,000 Euros in prize money from EIT ICT Labs, and has been included in the Company Building programme of Founder.org, from which it received a further grant of 100,000 Dollars. We wish them every success in the future!

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    Markus und Tobias Hallermann, co-founders of komoot GmbH
    With komoot it is quite simple to get out into the countryside. Using data mining and machine learning, the outdoor navigation system suggests personalised bicycle tours and walks – including comprehensive information such as distance, difficulty and offline topographic maps. komoot was founded in 2010 by former Manage&More students Markus and Tobias Hallermann and four fellow participants. Meanwhile the team grew and took on an international dimension. In November 2013 komoot succeeded in doing what many business founders only dream of: a seven-figure financing scheme. Markus and Tobias Hallermann describe their feelings: "With this fresh finance we shall build our team up further and handle the next stages, particularly in the field of recommendation algorithms." Thus in future komoot aims to inspire its users to ever new outdoor activities – and work further on its own success story.  

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    Frank Gabriel, head of global production projects at MULTIVAC
    "A bold career thanks to Manage&More" – such would be a fitting description of Frank Gabriel's life so far. Frank's Manage&More mentor drew his attention to his present employer – and within scarcely more than two years Frank rose from assistant to the senior management to being head of global production projects. Now he is developing new production plants all round the world: in Spain, the USA, Brazil, India, China and Japan. Luckily during Manage&More Frank constantly trained at approaching projects in a structured way, analysing questions exactly, and presenting results convincingly. Thus he succeeded always in successfully mastering new challenges at MULTIVAC.

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    Friedrich Arnold, entrepreneur and director of the Manage&More Former Students' Association
    Asked about the greatest added value of Manage&More, former student Friedrich Arnold has no doubts: "It's the unique network." Friedrich relies on this network both professionally and privately. Jointly with two other Manage&More scholarship holders, he founded Arnold, Schleyer & Partner - Management Consulting. "And also, many of my closest friends are former Manage&More students." To strengthen the network further and give it vitality, Frank works actively as a director of the Former Students' Association and as a mentor for Manage&More. "Learn, create, connect" – that, considers Friedrich, is the central message of Manage&More.