April 18, 2021
6 pm – 10 pm
Virtual Event
Google Maps

This Sunday it's finally happening - the Grand Finale of's GPT-3 Makeathon.

Dear Makers, Creators, Visionaries, Developers, AI-Enthusiasts, Domain-Experts or really everyone interested in how AI might change the future,

This Sunday, 18th of April starting at 6 pm (UTC+1) the best of around 40 teams will present their solution and business case leveraging the world's most powerful Language AI - GPT3 - to a second expert jury, after being pre-selected from a first jury round.

After a week of preparation with insightful workshops and talks, the teams spent 48h developing their business models and prototypes across four different tracks - Legaltech, Healthcare, Marketing, and Knowledge Management. The final jury consisting of experts ranging from VCs (Cherry Ventures) over Tech Companies (Microsoft, IBM) to representatives of our main supporters (AppliedAI, TUM Venture Labs, OpenAI) and will judge on the technical solution as well as on the business and societal impact of the product!

This event is open to everyone -- no technical expertise required! We're looking forward to seeing a very diverse crowd from all domains - get a feeling of how AI might transform your future, and join us along with the 200+ participants and leading companies this Sunday!

Best, The Team

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