Creating long-term value is inextricably linked to the health of our planet and our people. This is why sustainability is on the key topics at UnternehmerTUM. In this section, you will also find important publications and articles in this field.

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At UnternehmerTUM, vision turns into real value. We present pioneering individuals and teams who are creating the future with their start-ups. We let you dive into the world of start-ups, present exciting stories and interviews with founders who have dared to take the step towards their own company.

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Movement shapes our living spaces. That is why we see clever mobility solutions as the route into the future. What will we choose: getting stuck or moving forward? Find out more about current trends such as e-mobility and bike-sharing and hear from innovation drivers about what to expect in the years to come.

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Built Environment

Digitization is becoming increasingly important in the planning, construction, use and dismantling of buildings and infrastructures. Existing market players must rethink and reposition themselves. What does the future of the real estate and infrastructure sector look like? What trends are there and what is driving established companies and start-ups?

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Venture Capital

What developments are there in the financing of early-stage start-ups in Europe? How do B2B start-ups benefit from our expertise? Important topics that move venture capitalists, as well as studies, trends and news, can be found in our focus articles.

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Leadership & Tech Education

What can drive you to high-impact innovation? What are the tools you need – and which mindset is necessary? At UnternehmerTUM we combine profound knowledge with the latest develepments on agile methods like Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban and many more. Our key topic shows interesting insights on training your own leadership skills and focus also on personal development.

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Innovations for medical technology, biotechnology or the healthcare sector in general - UnternehmerTUM is active here with a wide variety of formats and initiatives. In our focus topic, we show the latest developments, trends and our commitment.

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