Only what preserves the basis of life is future-oriented. This is why we feature sustainable innovations that combine ecological with economical values.

Here, you’ll also find studies and important developments in this field.

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Movement shapes our living spaces. That is why we see clever mobility solutions as the route into the future. What will we choose: getting stuck or moving forward?

Find out more about current trends such as e-mobility and bike-sharing and hear from innovation drivers about what to expect in the years to come.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What are the promising technologies in artificial intelligence (AI)? How is AI changing our daily lives? We summarize research results, trends, and current applications for you – all the way from machine learning to start-up innovations.

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At UnternehmerTUM, visions turn into value. We provide a platform for groundbreaking people and teams who are designing tomorrow’s world through their business creation. Find out what can help you progress along your entrepreneurial path and read up on current facts and forecasts from the business world.

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