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Only what preserves the basis of life is future-oriented. This is why we feature sustainable innovations that combine ecological with economical values.

Here, you’ll also find studies and important developments in this field.

Our Sustainability Contact

Miki Yokoyama


Stories related to Sustainability

Three people networking

Sep 11, 2020

Ecological and Economical: A Venture Capitalist Perspective on Sustainable Start-ups

Start-ups play a key role in making our society and economy more sustainable. We asked Johannes von Borries, Managing Partner at Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners (UVC Partners), about the inves...

satellite picture of the earth

Jul 28, 2020

Start-up Innovations in Climate Tech: Reshaping the Most Critical Sectors

A global need for innovations that tackle climate change - and start-ups’ answers to it: Take a look at young companies from Europe, with a focus on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in ...

U Talk image

Jul 16, 2020

Redefining Growth in the 21st Century - A Paradigm Shift for our Economic System (U Talk)

Shifting towards a sustainable economy: In this enlightening U Talk, you'll hear about ways to address the world's greatest global challenges through a paradigm shift and how sustainable innovations a...

U Talk image

Jul 14, 2020

Global Challenges - How Do We Respond? (U Talk)

Empowering entrepreneurs for good and responsible leaders: In this dialogue, you'll hear about what is needed to foster entrepreneurship that contributes to a more sustainable and responsible economy....

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May 5, 2020

Today's start-ups focus on sustainability - Europe-wide online survey „Sustainability in Startups“

The topic of climate protection is finding a most fertile context in the start-up scene. This raises hopes for a real social change, because it is precisely here that effective products and services a...

Circular wires

May 4, 2020

Four steps towards circular economy: trailblazing start-ups and what organizations can learn

With the climate crisis - and how companies contribute to it - becoming more present in discussions, the discourse around a circular economy has gained momentum.

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