What developments are there in the financing of early-stage start-ups in Europe? How do B2B start-ups benefit from our expertise? Important topics that move venture capitalists, as well as studies, trends and news, can be found in our focus articles.

With UVC Partners, we offer an early-stage fund specifically for B2B tech start-ups in Europe. The focus is on emerging tech and mobility companies from Europe that are advancing digitalization in all industries with their innovations. Established companies will find their point of contact here for their external innovations. Identifying promising early-stage start-ups requires the long-standing experience and expertise of our venture capitalists, but also the ideal network and ecosystem of UnternehmerTUM. The portfolio with companies like Celonis, tado, FlixBus, Lilium or KONUX speaks for itself.

Definition "Venture Capital": The term venture capital is synonymous with "risk capital" and describes capital investments in young, unlisted companies for a certain period of time, which should lead to scalable growth of the respective start-ups. Particularly in the early phase, it is important to weigh up the earnings risk as well as the growth potential of the innovations. Venture capital thus forms a sub-segment of the private equity business, which means investments with equity shares in unlisted start-ups.

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