TUM Venture Labs are new entrepreneurial innovation hubs reinforcing in a unique way tech-based business creation at the interfaces of engineering, natural, life and data sciences and medicine. They support entrepreneurial talent in tech-based business translation from research, offering an entire ecosystem with the necessary development environments.


TUM Venture Labs are the new initiative of TUM and UnternehmerTUM with other partner institutions and companies.

What we will offer

For students & researchers

You have an innovative idea in high-tech, with a strong scientific basis, and want to start a business venture?

We provide you with:

  • state-of-the-art infrastructure: fully equipped workspaces with extensive infrastructure from IT systems to laboratory equipment
  • comprehensive program ranging from educational offerings to venturing programs focused on start-up (pre-)incubation
  • wide network of high-profile entrepreneurs, mentors, industry partners and venture capitalists

For company partners & supporters

Your company wants to support our mission for Munich to become the entrepreneurial center for high-tech ventures in Europe?

As a corporation, you can:

  • support our cause financially
  • actively shape the innovation hub and get involved in many ways (e.g. provide mentoring, share industry insights, participate in events)

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As student or researcher

As partner or supporter

Our Venture Labs


The mission of the TUM Venture Lab Software/AI is to accelerate scalable business models and start-ups in software, data and AI, and to support software/AI solutions that boost business ideas in other domains. The TUM Venture Lab Software/AI is the key platform to foster digital advancements through AI and software 2.0, and supports interdisciplinary innovations with other Venture Lab disciplines or deep-tech developments in software.

Managing Director: Antoine Leboyer


The mission of the TUM Food/Agro/BioTech Venture Lab is to become Europe’s top breeding ground for agricultural, food technological and biotech business start-ups. This incubation hub fosters interdisciplinary innovations in the life sciences from genetic and biological research to production and processing technologies. The TUM Venture Lab Food/Agro is one of the hottest venture areas, considering for example the climate-driven challenges in agriculture and forestry, as well as the impact of nutritional habits on public health.

Managing Director: Roman Werner


The mission of the TUM Venture Lab Healthcare is to improve healthcare by accelerating business ideas and start-ups in biomedicine, digital healthcare and MedTech. We foster interdisciplinary innovations in biomedical research by leveraging digital innovations and AI.

Managing Director: Sabine Klein


The mission of the TUM Venture Lab ChemSPACE is to become a leading European innovation hub for molecular business ideas and start-ups through promoting interdisciplinary innovations in compound design, smart materials, protein design and digital catalysis.

Managing Director: Sarah Jessl


We are the innovation hub for Quantum Tech in Munich. We pave the way for translating world-leading basic research in quantum science and technology into scalable businesses in order to contribute to European sovereignty and global leadership in all major fields of quantum technology: quantum computing, sensing, communication, and simulation.

Managing Director: Christopher Trummer

Built Environment

The mission of the TUM Venture Lab Built Environment is to become Europe’s top platform for ventures developing outstanding approaches, technologies and solutions for urban futures, the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure as well as socio-technical systems in the context of design and architecture.

Managing Directors: Christos Chantzaras & Tobias Förtsch


This Venture Lab is the hot-spot for the new generation of innovative embodied AI engineers and tech-entrepreneurs. Robotics/AI Venture Lab accelerates innovation from perception-based grasping to telepresence and cybathlon by leveraging emerging technologies such as machine intelligence. The Robotics/AI Venture Lab is closely linked to the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) as well as the Munich Urban Colab.

Managing Director: Arne Rost


Our mission is to build the central launchpad for aerospace, geodesy and high-speed transportation here in the Greater Munich Area. The TUM Venture Lab Aerospace fosters innovation in emerging disciplines, such as AI and miniaturization, to react to the accelerating developments in mobility, advanced and commercial missions in the Earth's orbit and increased demand for (real-time) Earth observation data. The Lab will be part of TUM’s new Department for Aerospace and Geodesy and its “Mission to planet Earth”. It will be located on the TUM campus in Ottobrunn/Taufkirchen, close to high-tech industries and a vivid startup environment.

Managing Director: Florian Dötzer

Additive Manufacturing

With the TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing (AM), we enable talents to develop disruptive materials, shapes and production processes to solve the big challenges of our time. We actively promote interdisciplinary AM applications, the transfer of innovative research results into scalable business models and the education of the future AM entrepreneur: print y(our) future!

Operations Director: Sascha Schwarz

Sustainability & Circular Economy

TUM Venture Lab Sustainability & Circular Economy boosts scalable and innovative GreenTech startup teams to accelerate green transformation on a global level.

Managing Director: Lars Eiermann
Operations Director: Florian Lintl

Coming soon

Mobility: Start-up hub for a connected, autonomous, shared and electrified (CASE) future mobility.