Digitization is becoming increasingly important in the planning, construction, use and dismantling of buildings and infrastructures. Existing market players must rethink and reposition themselves. What does the future of the real estate and infrastructure sector look like? What trends are there and what is driving established companies and start-ups?

In particular, the automation and networking of workflows by digital products will strongly shape construction in the future. BIM (Building Information Modeling) in particular will continue to gain a great deal of influence. Not to be neglected in view of social developments and urbanization are the topics of sustainability, recycling and material cycles. Start-ups of today have an increasing interest in offering CO2-saving products.

Here you will find insights and developments that include the entire ecosystem around buildings.

Definition of "Built Environment": The term "Built Environment" originates from the English language and encompasses the environment planned and implemented by humans, including the entire infrastructure, from buildings and traffic routing to public green spaces, parks, roads and surfaces. Specifically, the term includes all actors that contribute to changing our external living environment, such as architecture, urban planning and construction.

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