Movement shapes our living spaces. That is why we see clever mobility solutions as the route into the future. What will we choose: getting stuck or moving forward? Find out more about current trends such as e-mobility and bike-sharing and hear from innovation drivers about what to expect in the years to come.

Our cities will continue to grow in the future, and living spaces and infrastructure will change accordingly. To keep cities livable and safe, we need innovations for housing, sustainability and mobility. Our Munich Urban Colab offers the perfect place to work, experiment and develop such solutions together. UnternehmerTUM, the City of Munich, start-ups, established companies, and citizens collaborate here in an open atmosphere on the major issues of the future. One of the first projects to emerge from this is the "Future of eMobility" showcase, in which UnternehmerTUM, SAP, BMW, the start-up ChargeX, the Digital Product School and the Digital Hub Mobility have demonstrated how fruitful collaboration can be.

The Digital Hub Mobility is also making a decisive contribution to this task of the century: The Digital Hub Mobility is part of the Germany-wide Digital Hub Initiative launched by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. At twelve connected locations, established companies work together with innovation partners from the start-up scene and science - at the Munich location specifically on the topic of mobility. The citizen mobility platform is integrated into this, where start-ups, partner companies, experts from the city administration and the Digital Hub Mobility team develop solutions for mobility problems and test them directly as prototypes.

Definition of mobility: The term spatial mobility describes the ability of people and goods to move in space. The concept of mobility is based on the need, but also the willingness and ability to move. In our everyday lives, mobility forms a basis of life that ensures the fulfillment of basic human needs, especially in urban areas.

Stories related to Mobility

Dernai Badge2

Oct 6, 2022

There Can Be No "Either-Or" When it Comes to Mobility Concepts - Interview With Monika Dernai, BMW

As Lead Sustainability Employees in the BMW Group's Corporate Strategy department, Monika Dernai supports BMW employees and supply chain stakeholders worldwide in actively pursuing the company's susta...

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Sep 28, 2022

"Together, We are Implementing Truly Impactful, Disruptive, And Bold Ideas for the Livable City of Tomorrow" - Interview With Oliver May-Beckmann of MCube

Since the beginning of 2022, Oliver May-Beckmann has headed MCube, the Munich cluster for the future of mobility in metropolitan regions. He works on innovative solutions for sustainable and transform...

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Sep 21, 2022

"Road Space in Munich Needs to be Redistributed" - Interview With Georg Dunkel, Mobility Officer of the City of Munich

Munich continues to grow year after year, and the call for a mobility turnaround is getting louder and louder. But its design must be compatible with citizens’ different interests and needs - no easy ...

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Aug 12, 2021

For an Inclusive and Sustainable World – Review of the Meetup “Gender-specific Mobility Planning” in June 2021

Why is the topic of gender-specific mobility planning important? How can we plan non-exclusive mobility services that are in line with the needs of all members of society? What does gender- specific m...

E Mobility01

Jun 21, 2021

Innovations you can touch: Collaboration project for sustainable mobility at Munich Urban Colab

At the Munich Urban Colab, established companies, start-ups, the municipal administration and the Digital Hub Mobility work together to develop mobility concepts and innovations for the urban future. ...

Space of the initiative UMPARKEN Schwabing - people on the colorful pedestrian area

May 20, 2021

Four Weeks Without a Car in Munich - Successful UMPARKEN Experiment by Digital Hub Mobility

Eight households give up their cars for four weeks and switch to alternative mobility options. The pleasing result: three of the households state that they will give up their cars permanently at the e...

Scooter 1

Jun 23, 2020

Sharing services to improve daily mobility - Team "E-Kickscooter"

The format "citizen mobility" of the Digital Hub Mobility is a collaboration platform for the mobility of tomorrow. We bring together established companies, municipalities, start-ups and science to id...

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Jun 16, 2020

Recognizing mobility needs - Team "Cycling to work all year long"

The format "citizen mobility" of the Digital Hub Mobility is a collaboration platform for the mobility of tomorrow. We bring together established companies, municipalities, start-ups and science to id...

Kreuzung 2

Jun 8, 2020

Avoiding accidents at intersections - Team "Safe Intersections"

The format "citizen mobility" of the Digital Hub Mobility is a collaboration platform for the mobility of tomorrow. We bring together established companies, municipalities, start-ups and science to id...

Unternehmertum TECHFEST 2019 birdysview 2

Mar 31, 2020

“citizen mobility” – solving the problems of cities

“citizen mobility” is an agile Digital Hub Mobility platform aimed at creating and implementing joint solutions to the mobility problems of cities. As part of a co-innovation process, partner companie...

Street Mobility HUB Still2

5 Fragen an Mar 31, 2020

5 Questions to Kirstin Hegner, Managing Director Digital Hub Mobility

In an interview with Kirstin Hegner, Managing Director Digital Hub Mobility, we found out how the initiative came about and what exciting projects have already come from it.

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