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The circular economy is the foundation of a productive, resilient, and sustainable economy. We set the pace for the circular economy because we ENABLE. ACT. INSPIRE. start-ups and corporates to leverage the potentials of circular business models to meet ecological and social responsibilities while also increasing economic success.


We empower you to make circular economy innovation a reality and turn it into the core of your business model.


We connect you with relevant partners to create circular economy solutions for your value chain with scalable and investable opportunities.


We provide system- changing impulses and drive the circular economy forward with you.

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The purpose of a circular economy is to avoid needing to extract resources from the ground in order to produce commodities. The goal is to reduce resource consumption, use resources more intelligently and efficiently, and reuse resources at the end of a product's life as the basis for future products. We're closing the loop!

This not only makes products more environmentally friendly, but it also makes manufacturing more resilient to external dependencies and opens up entirely new economic opportunities!


Circular economy offers independence from supply chains, unstable governments, and geopolitical crises.


Circular economy is the key to solving the three existential crises: climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

Business Opportunities

All business models that will grow in the coming years are sustainable business models.

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Achieve economic success through implementing the principles of circular economy! Strengthen your supply chains and stay ahead of regulatory developments and societal movements. Applying circular economy concepts offers several benefits, ranging from increased brand value to higher attractiveness to potential workers to easier access to green financing. Connecting with our circular economy start-ups will also boost your power of innovation.

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Start-ups are the heart of innovation, both in the circular economy and beyond. You may use CIRCULAR REPUBLIC to transform your business model into a circle, making it more resilient, or to capitalize on new business prospects. In our multi-stakeholder initiatives, we connect you with large corporations and assist you in finding clients and business partners.

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The Team

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CIRCULAR REPUBLIC is a team of passionate and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to the circular economy. The personal life stories and wealth of experience range from self-founded start-ups to large and small companies, politics, consulting, science and volunteer engagements. A unique mix and a strong concentration of knowledge, skills and competencies.

But that's not all: CIRCULAR REPUBLIC is embedded in the ecosystem of UnternehmerTUM with its more than 400 colleagues and contacts in many areas of Germany's society, especially in the fields of high-tech and innovation.

Meet the awesome team of CIRCULAR REPUBLIC

The Founding Team

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Dr. Matthias Ballweg, Co-Founder and Director

Weelhub in the center of the circle and connecting all the dots. Expert in the automotive industry, electric driving and (car) batteries.
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Dr. Susanne Kadner, Co-Founder and Head of Ecosystems

Knows every study and figure on circular economy. She is the one to ask if you want to know how to implement circular business models in your company.
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Niclas-Alexander Mauss, Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Expert on circular economy in the manufacturing and electronics industry. He knows every start-up in the circular economy sector in Germany and beyond.


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