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What are the promising technologies in artificial intelligence (AI)? How is AI changing our daily lives? We summarize research results, trends, and current applications for you – all the way from machine learning to start-up innovations.

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5 Fragen an Jul 1, 2020

How Corona Crisis is Affecting Artificial Intelligence in Europe - 5 Questions to ... Dr. Philipp Gerbert from appliedAI

Corona will be a worldwide Black Swan test for artificial intelligence. While China's years of investment in AI-based technologies are now paying off to a decisive extent, the European states are fall...

Applied AI

Jun 8, 2020

Artificial Intelligence - the Key to Intelligent Business of the Future?

Artificial intelligence has been regarded as the most disruptive future technology in the digital change for several years. But is the potential of AI as promising as the media often present it? How c...


Mar 5, 2020

AI Start-ups in Germany: Landscape of 2020 by appliedAI

Germany’s leading initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI), appliedAI, has published its annual Start-up Landscape. The results show that the hype around the technology continues. Most German AI st...


Feb 10, 2020

"Elements of AI": appliedAI Supervises Education Platform for Artificial Intelligence

From now on, the free online course "Elements of AI" of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany allows everyone to acquire and test knowledge about artificial intelligence (AI) online. In Fin...


Jul 5, 2019

62% more AI Start-ups in Germany

More and more young German companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) in their products and services - a total of 62% more than in 2018. These are increasingly concentrated in the two AI hubs in...


Oct 9, 2018

Appell an die Bundesregierung: appliedAI-Initiative fordert Mut und rasches Handeln in ihrem Positionspapier

Europas führende Initiative im Bereich angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz, appliedAI, veröffentlicht mit 16 Unternehmen wie Google, SAP und Siemens ein gemeinsames Positionspapier - ihre Antwort auf di...


Oct 4, 2018

UnternehmerTUM presents appliedAI initiative

UnternehmerTUM unveiled the ‘initiative appliedAI’ at a press conference on April 11. UnternehmerTUM, together with 26 leading technology and industrial groups such as Google, NVIDIA, Allianz, Linde, ...


5 Fragen an May 23, 2018

Accelerating the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

As Managing Director of UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH, Andreas Liebl is responsible for building the appliedAI initiative with partners such as Google and NVIDIA. With 26 partners, selected startups and...

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