What are the promising technologies in artificial intelligence (AI)? How is AI changing our daily lives? We summarize research results, trends, and current applications for you – all the way from machine learning to start-up innovations.

AI has become increasingly important in recent years, especially for SMEs, because it can increase or secure the competitiveness of companies, make processes more efficient and reduce costs enormously. Security gaps can be detected and prevented with artificial intelligence.

For example, our start-up KONUX has significantly improved the safety and longevity of rail traffic with its intelligent predictive maintenance system in the railroad sector.

Our appliedAI initiative aims to lift Germany into the AI age and accompanies and advises companies on this path - in a practice-oriented manner, with profound expertise and a comprehensive educational offering. Whether AI newcomers or experts: appliedAI's Academy offers courses for all needs, which we regularly present here on our focus topics. In addition, the team regularly compiles AI start-up maps to highlight current developments in Germany.

Definition of "Artificial Intelligence": Artificial Intelligence (AI) describes systems and applications of machines that are trained and not programmed, and thus come close to the performance capability of human intelligence. In doing so, Artificial Intelligence solves problems in our real human world that require intuition and judgment. Essential to problem recognition are language and visual perception. Traditional computer systems, on the other hand, are based on calculation, while systems with artificial intelligence in the sense of machine learning are based on learning ability.

Stories related to Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI Impact Survey Titelbild 3

Apr 27, 2023

Threat to innovation? A survey among European start-ups on the EU AI Act

appliedAI surveyed European start-ups in the wake of the AI Act, a European Union proposal for a law regulating artificial intelligence scheduled for 2023. It sheds light on what consequences the impl...

AAI Whitepaper Mockup Culture

Nov 29, 2022

Mastering the AI Culture Change in Organizations — Video Interview with Dr. Philipp Hartmann, Director of AI Strategy at appliedAI

To successfully use artificial intelligence (AI), it's crucial for people to work together with the technology. Even the most sophisticated AI solutions have no impact if users or the organization at ...

UTUM Colab2021 727web

Jun 1, 2022

“Regulation Should Not Hurt Innovation” – Interview with Françoise Soulié-Fogelman about Europe’s Position in AI

Dr. Françoise Soulié-Fogelman is Scientific Advisor at Hub France AI, Co-chair Innovation & Commercialization Working Group at GPAI and specialist in data mining and big data. With her internation...

Fokusthemen KI Kompetenz Titelbild neu

May 31, 2022

Successful with Artificial Intelligence - Free Online Course On AI Competence for your SME

The appliedAI Initiative, together with the "Mittelstand-Digital" funding priority of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, has developed the first and only free online cou...

Badge Copyright Julian Beekmann Fotografie 4

May 27, 2022

"Now we can't let ourselves be left behind" - Interview with Jonas Andrulis on Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

Jonas Andrulis, founder of Aleph Alpha, is regarded as one of the hopefuls when it comes to establishing artificial intelligence as the most important key technology in Germany and Europe. In an inter...

Vanessa Cann 2 kl copyright Tobias Koch BADGE

May 18, 2022

“Europe is on the threshold of digital policy dependency” - Impulse by Vanessa Cann, Managing Director of KI Bundesverband

- Written by Vanessa Cann - Artificial intelligence (AI) is without doubt one of the most important key technologies of our time. It is already being used in numerous areas, such as voice assistants,...


Jan 31, 2022

Free Training on AI and Digitization for SMEs: Zukunftszentrum Süd

The use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence is changing the world of work. The Zukunftszentrum Süd supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their employees in discoverin...

Applied AI MAT 2021

Nov 25, 2021

Maturity Assessment - The Free Tool to Assess Your AI Maturity Level

To help companies adopt AI, appliedAI, Europe's largest AI initiative, has developed a comprehensive AI Maturity Assessment - a free online tool that allows companies to evaluate the state of their AI...

KI Campus 2

May 12, 2021

Discovering the Potential of AI: New Online Course "Introducing AI" on the KI-Campus

Artificial intelligence is already shaping our everyday lives in many areas and is relevant to all of us. AI is a key technology in the digital transformation of our connected world and a tool that ca...

AI final

Apr 28, 2021

Making SMEs fit for AI: „KI-Transfer Plus" model project by appliedAI and the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs

Artificial intelligence (AI) also opens up countless opportunities for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to optimize their processes and thus remain competitive - whether automated stock receipt...

2021 startup landscape banner

Mar 11, 2021

Fourth Annual Landscape by appliedAI: German AI Start-ups Convince with Quality

For the fourth time, appliedAI, Germany's leading artificial intelligence initiative, has shed light on German AI start-ups and compiled them in a map. It is based on around 1,000 start-ups that were ...

AI Illustration Batch3 Farbvariante green DE 2

Nov 25, 2020

Artificial Intelligence in Business and Economy - Free Online Course by appliedAI

Artificial intelligence has long since ceased to be a niche technology, and in many cases it has entered the mainstream - especially in larger companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) also...

Hartmann Philipp 600x400

Oct 5, 2020

"AI is Always Just a Tool" - Interview with Philipp Hartmann, Director of AI Strategy at appliedAI

Many companies plan to integrate artificial intelligence into their business model. Motivated and full of optimism, they simply get started - but what often follows is disillusionment: from failing pr...

News applied ai philipp gerbert

5 Fragen an Jul 1, 2020

How Corona Crisis is Affecting Artificial Intelligence in Europe - 5 Questions to ... Dr. Philipp Gerbert from appliedAI

Corona will be a worldwide Black Swan test for artificial intelligence. While China's years of investment in AI-based technologies are now paying off to a decisive extent, the European states are fall...

Applied AI

Jun 8, 2020

Artificial Intelligence - the Key to Intelligent Business of the Future?

Artificial intelligence has been regarded as the most disruptive future technology in the digital change for several years. But is the potential of AI as promising as the media often present it? How c...


Mar 5, 2020

AI Start-ups in Germany: Landscape of 2020 by appliedAI

Germany’s leading initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI), appliedAI, has published its annual Start-up Landscape. The results show that the hype around the technology continues. Most German AI st...


Feb 10, 2020

"Elements of AI": appliedAI Supervises Education Platform for Artificial Intelligence

From now on, the free online course "Elements of AI" of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany allows everyone to acquire and test knowledge about artificial intelligence (AI) online. In Fin...


Jul 5, 2019

62% more AI Start-ups in Germany

More and more young German companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) in their products and services - a total of 62% more than in 2018. These are increasingly concentrated in the two AI hubs in...


Oct 9, 2018

Appell an die Bundesregierung: appliedAI-Initiative fordert Mut und rasches Handeln in ihrem Positionspapier

Europas führende Initiative im Bereich angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz, appliedAI, veröffentlicht mit 16 Unternehmen wie Google, SAP und Siemens ein gemeinsames Positionspapier - ihre Antwort auf di...


Oct 4, 2018

UnternehmerTUM presents appliedAI initiative

UnternehmerTUM unveiled the ‘initiative appliedAI’ at a press conference on April 11. UnternehmerTUM, together with 26 leading technology and industrial groups such as Google, NVIDIA, Allianz, Linde, ...


5 Fragen an May 23, 2018

Accelerating the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

As Managing Director of UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH, Andreas Liebl is responsible for building the appliedAI initiative with partners such as Google and NVIDIA. With 26 partners, selected startups and...

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