12 February 2020

How can we best address the big issues of the future such as climate change, digital change or shortage of skilled workers in Germany? The Forum UnternehmerTUM wanted to face this major question on March 31, 2020 at BMW Welt München with presenting manifold approaches by thinkers from various disciplines. Due to Corona crisis we will shift our event. Read here, what awaits you.

The first step towards a solution seems so simple and is yet so complex: joining forces rather than attempting to work alone. We all share responsibility - whether through sustainable entrepreneurial action or the conscious use of technologies and resources. In a multi-faceted program of panels, discussions or keynote speeches, we will show that we need to invest in forward-looking and rewarding ideas and empower people to master the demanding challenges of our time.

Top-class speakers will talk about the most burning issues: from a business perspective, Susanne Klatten, entrepreneur, shareholder and chairwoman of the supervisory board of UnternehmerTUM GmbH, and from an academic perspective, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann, president of the TUM, among many others. National initiatives, such as how to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses in Germany, will be covered as well as international ones like fostering the emerging digital economy in Tunisia.

Dr. Philipp Gerbert, Future Shaper UnternehmerTUM and Director of appliedAI, will immerse us in the exciting world of quantum computing, while Ferry Heilemann, innovator, investor, founder and CEO at Freighthub will provide new impulses for leading Germany into a global pioneering role in terms of sustainability through smart economic and technological solutions. Prosperous startups like KONUX and Personio show how they successfully learn from others. Established companies like SAP und BMW present their ideas and efforts for a secure future.

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