09 September 2020

Founded in 2010 at the Chair of Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology at the TU Munich, the spin-off fos4X was one of the first investments of UVC. The vision: Making wind turbines more efficient.

After a rapid success story and a team of now about 100 people, fos4X now announces the exit to PolyTech, a leading development, production and service company for the wind energy industry.

Wind turbines around the world use fos4X software and hardware products to optimize their operation - and benefit from autonomous industrial plants based on proprietary sensor technology. Dr. Ingo Potthof, Managing Partner of UVC Partners: "It has been a great experience to accompany fos4x as investor from R&D stage up to today, as the company has built a global business and became a category leader with further strong growth perspectives. Congratulations to this strong performance Lars Hoffmann, Alexander Michel, Bernhard Kopp, Bern Kuhnle, Fabian Zelenka, Markus Schmid, Robert Erdmann and the entire fos4x team. Thank you for having been part of this journey and all the best for the future."

fos4X perfectly complements PolyTech's core business by advancing turbine blade technology. The improvement of the blades through digital technology and data analysis will enable wind turbine operators to optimize operation and maintenance through intelligent use of real-time data. The acquisition of fos4X strengthens PolyTech's expertise in exactly this area.

Read the whole press release.

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