23 April 2019

The introduction session begins. There it is again, the classic "Hello, I am..." that you all often experience in a workshop. After the round you (again) didn't remember a name and the atmosphere is just as tense as before. But there's another way! In our B.NEO workshops we solve the problem with the Superpower method.

Each participant builds his own Superpower from pipecleaners within a few minutes and presents it. And look there, with the help of the colourful handicrafts you can easily remember who the participants are. And besides, it's fun.

Together, we at B.NEO have thought about what our superpower could be and, of course, have been tinkering diligently (see picture).

The result: Our superpower is the creative diversity of the team, which is integrated into the colourful world of the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem.

With this superpower, our experience in consulting and implementation, corporates and start-ups as well as a working method based on business design principles, we show each of our customers new ways into the digital future.

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