Female Leadership & Entrepreneurship Training (with Certificate)

01/18/2020, 10:00 AM - 01/18/2020, 3:00 PM
Place: ATLAS Werksviertel München, Rosenheimer Str. 143, 81671 München
Host: UnternehmerTUM

Yes, we can!
Women face unique challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions or founding their own company (scarcity of role models, scarcity of female peers that join forces against gender discrimination, societal bias, scarcity of support systems for balancing job and family,...)

We NEED more women in leadership positions acting as role models and advocates, creating equal opportunities, financial freedom & security.

We NEED more women in tech entrepreneurship to innovatively tackle all the challenges (environmental, educational, medical,...) society faces today.

Earn a certificate in Female Leadership & Entrepreneurship and learn:

  • How to play male power games, outsmart conversational bullies in meetings, build executive presence
  • Specific Best Practice Advice from female board members and entrepreneurs for each step of your career
  • Building greater confidence and bridging the confidence gap (in presentations, negotiations, other scenarios...)
  • Leadership Assessment - Discover your very own leadership & entrepreneurship profile (strengths, challenges)
  • Leadership Exercises - Become the (entrepreneurial) leader you want to be! (train self-awareness, positivity,...)
  • Learning Transfer – Writing your own Personal (Entrepreneurial) Leadership Mission Statement

We offer a space for women to come together and share their leadership or entrepreneurship experiences in a learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact.

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