UnternehmerTUM Circle

Pro Unternehmertum - The Supporters of UnternehmerTUM

Pro Unternehmertum stands for distinguished entrepreneurial personalities – entrepreneurs, managers and experts – who actively engage in UnternehmerTUM’s activities and contribute to teaching and practice. The members of Pro Unternehmertum are committed campaigners for the stimulation of innovation and an entrepreneurial culture in Germany. They give new impulses and communicate with UnternehmerTUM’s entrepreneurial teams.

Dr. Helmut Schönenberger
Co-Founder and CEO UnternehmerTUM

Pro Unternehmertum – a statement for a positive understanding of entrepreneurship in society. Entrepreneurs tackle social challenges: through their innovative power and competitiveness, they reinforce Germany’s future sustainability."

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner
Ordinaria Chair in Entrepreneurial Finance, TU München

UnternehmerTUM and their network build an important bridge between innovative research and the successful business creation of startups. The increasing number of promising business creations at TUM in the last decade is an expression of this successful work."

Dr. Matthias Wolfgruber
Executive Chairman ALTANA AG

For ALTANA, as a specialized company in the chemical industry, the key to success is the combination of scientific and entrepreneurial spirit. The entrepreneurial courage as well as the will to take calculated risks can create impulses that take our society forward in a sustainable way. Through manifold offers of support, UnternehmerTUM literally encourages young entrepreneurs to realize their trendsetting ideas in a value-creating way. We gladly commit ourselves to that cause."

Thomas Sattelberger
Executive Chairman BDA/BDI Initiative, MINT Zukunft schaffen

Universities are not only places for research and teaching. Particularly in Germany, they need to be sources for inspiration for intrapreneurship and business creation. UnternehmerTUM opens the right doors!"

Harald Krüger
Management Board Member BMW Group

Innovations are the basis for growth, employment and prosperity. Behind them are human beings – personalities – who courageously stand up for their ideas and realize them resolutely. With UnternehmerTUM we encourage the close collaboration between science and industry."

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Heinz Dürr
CEO Heinz Dürr GmbH

I support everybody who is engaged in promoting entrepreneurship in our country."

Dr. Manfred Stefener
Co-Founder and CEO Elcore GmbH

I founded my first business already during my time at TU Munich. For me, UnternehmerTUM is now the ideal possibility to pass my ideas and experiences on to young founders so that they not only master the technical but also the economical and societal challenges awaiting them on this exciting journey. UnternehmerTUM’s potential and network guarantee high quality and sustainable dynamics in order to transform technical competence into economical success."

Dr. Paul-Josef Patt

Germany has an abundance of excellent scientists and masterminds. Compared to the global competition its innovation potential is much higher than the average. We have a strong sector of medium-sized businesses in Germany. But we still have some catching up to do when it comes to our talented, (not only) young people who actively seek challenges in entrepreneurial independence and dare to think big. Many things have been initiated in the last 15 years in order to release and stimulate this enthusiasm as well as to procure the necessary basic education already at university. Since 2002, the creation and the successful development of UnternehmerTUM is one of the outstanding flagships, not only in Germany but also in the international context, of early entrepreneurship stimulation. I am glad to be able to contribute a small part to a sustainable realization of this great vision together with the supporters of UnternehmerTUM."