Enabler for start-ups and innovations

Through my commitment, I want to encourage entrepreneurship in Germany. As an entrepreneur I know that the work of UnternehmerTUM is an important step towards a new culture of entrepreneurship in our society.
Susanne Klatten, Associate and Supervisory Board Chairwoman of UnternehmerTUM GmbH

Turning inventions into innovations and scalable start-ups
Climate change, energy turnaround, diminishing resources - the only way to meet these huge social challenges is through innovation. Entrepreneurship and technology are key elements of competitiveness – they create value, lead to new jobs and accelerate growth.

UnternehmerTUM – Center for Innovation and Business Creation at TU München
UnternehmerTUM offers founders and startups a complete service from the initial idea to IPO. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists, managers and investors supports founders with the development of their products, services and business models. The experts accompany them actively with building up their companies, market entry and financing – also via Venture Capital.

The accelerator programme TechFounders coaches technology startups over a period of 20 weeks up to an initial venture round, and paves the way for joint ventures with established companies.

For industry partners, UnternehmerTUM is a unique platform for cooperation with new companies, and for expansion of their innovative strength and culture.

Covering 1500 square metres, ‘MakerSpace’, Europe's largest publicly accessible high-tech workshop, enables companies, startups and creatives to produce prototypes and small batches using state-of-the-art machines such as large 3D printers.

UnternehmerTUM was founded in 2002 by the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten. With more than 50 high-growth technology start-ups each year and its unique offering, it is the leading center for business creation in Germany.

Facts and Figures

UnternehmerTUM is organized in four companies:

  • UnternehmerTUM GmbH
    inspires and empowers students, researchers and professionals by providing outstanding, hands-on entrepreneurship training,  by incubating technology-based startup teams and by giving access to prototyping infrastructure.
  • UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH
    runs the start-up accelerator program TechFounders and collaborates with young and established companies to identify, develop and realize joint projects to successfully generate new business.
  • UnternehmerTUM Venture Capital Partners GmbH
    runs a venture capital fund to finance cutting-edge technology start-ups with international market potential.
  • UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace GmbH
    is a membership-based, open access, high-tech workshop and fabrication studio.

Entrepreneurship Center

At the new Entrepreneurship Center on the Garching Research Campus the Technische Universität München and UnternehmerTUM bundle their programmes for entrepreneurs under one umbrella. Start-ups, innovators and makers will find here a unique infrastructure to realize their start-up projects – from initial idea to growth stage. The departments of the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute channel their research results directly into the promotion of business start-ups. 

At the center of the new building: MakerSpace – a high-tech workshop covering 1,500 square metres, with machinery, tools and software for prototype construction and small-batch production.