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Building up organisational structure

Processes for growing challenges

Directly after a business has been started, there are still mostly no well-developed organisational structures and only a few established processes. Much runs flexibly, but also chaotically. Once the business begins to grow, structures and processes must be created as quickly as possible, to keep pace with growing demands.

How you will benefit:
  • Designing and establishing business processes
  • Establishing the organisational structure
  • Establishing processes to grow concurrently

Your personal contact

Markus Struppe

UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH

+49 89-18 94 69-2131
@ struppe@unternehmertum.de


Thorsten Weber

Thorsten Weber

UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH

+49 89-18 94 69-2121
@ weber@unternehmertum.de

The most important aspects at a glance

  • Target Group

    companies, start-ups

  • Format

    consulting, workshop

  • Duration


Our services

  • Establishing the organisational structure

    The organisational structure is the backbone of your business. What the ideal structural and workflow organisation will be like depends on the individual needs and objectives of the target groups – customers, businesses and staff.

  • Designing business processes

    Via standardised business processes, you can always initiate recurrent organisational workflows with little expenditure of resources, and control them at the same time. Which business processes are relevant for your business is a question which will be established individually.

  • Defining flexible processes

    As your business grows, established processes will now and then need to be corrected. To react as flexibly as possible to new situations, you will work with our experts to define processes in such a way as to ensure that they grow more or less concurrently.