TECHFEST Munich 2019: Accelerating into a better future

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10 September 2019

Last Sunday, this year's TECHFEST Munich ended with a brilliant finale. UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and business creation, hosted the event in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich for the fourth time.

The three-day festival is one of the most important events in the European hackathon and tech scene and among the annual highlight events of UnternehmerTUM. With great public attention, it demonstrated how to build bridges between young talents and the economy and how innovation can be achieved in a short amount of time using modern methods such as Design Thinking.

TECHFEST 2019 in numbers:

  • 500 enthusiastic participants and visitors from over 20 countries
  • 3 days of tech classes, prototyping and networking
  • 50 ideas for a better future

three winning teams:

  1. Immortar Journey (Wacker)
  2. SprAI X pro (Wagner & RoboPORT)
  3. Corner Module 4 Live (Magna)
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The Wacker challenge team won the 1st prize at TECHFEST.

More than 500 participants and visitors from over 20 countries and multiple disciplines took part this year. In eight challenges set by business partners, the City of Munich and UnternehmerTUM, the participants worked on sustainable and responsible innovations that - true to the event's motto "create the world we want to live in" - are aimed at contributing to a better world of tomorrow.

"At TECHFEST we experience real entrepreneurial persistence. This weekend, I met a team participating for the third time already. The tenacity shown by young people here is essential if we are to continue our entrepreneurial success in the future".

Felix Haas, business angel, entrepreneur and co-host of Bits & Pretzels

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Brand new technologies, interdisciplinary teams and a lot of creativity

The challenge topics covered a wide range: from smart building technology to solutions in the health sector, from the use of robots in painting buildings to the reinvention of the wheel. TECHFEST enables its partners to access new talent, to position themselves as innovative companies and to find new approaches to real scenarios and business cases. At the same time, participants benefit from the infrastructure of UnternehmerTUM. They have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and broaden their experience and to get in contact with interesting companies and potential employers.

Out of all challenges, the jury selected three winning teams:

  • 1st: Immortar Journey who developed a cost-effective and intelligent hand-held mortar mixer for challenge partner Wacker. The mixer is equipped with sensors and an app that gives real-time instructions on how to apply high-tech mortar.
  • 2nd: SprAI X pro who presented an intelligent paint gun for Wagner & RoboPORT, which delivers perfect results through the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and can be used by non-professionals as well.
  • 3rd: Corner Module 4 Live who developed an innovative corner module for Magna that is also applicable for autonomous driving.

"Again and again, TECHFEST meets the needs of companies and talents alike, resulting in technical innovations. Often these collaborations lead to the founding of new start-ups and are an important impulse for the economy,"

Martin Gotschlich, Head of UnternehmerTUM [x] and project owner.

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Challenge-Partner: GE Healthcare & Porsche Consulting, Magna, Next Shed by Eberspächer, Sandoz, Stadt München, Wacker, Wagner & RoboPORT

Tech-Partner: Google, Infineon, Intel

Support-Partner: Circ, Flixbus, Gate, MakerSpace

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der TECHFEST Webseite.

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