The startup Valuedesk continues its success story and receives 3.2 million Euro in a seed funding round. UVC Partners, an investor specializing in B2B startups, and well-known business angels are participating in the round.

Garching near Munich, December 11, 2020. The startup Valuedesk continues its success story and receives 3.2 million Euro in a seed funding round. UVC Partners, an investor specializing in B2B startups, and well-known business angels are participating in the round. With the investment, Valuedesk is aiming to become the global market leader for structured savings and optimization management. Valuedesk intends to further accelerate growth and invest in new technology with the provided capital.

Valuedesk GmbH was born in 2017 from the German Mittelstand. Managing Director Torsten R. Bendlin and the team at Valuedesk allow companies to identify hidden savings and optimization potential which allows them to efficiently implement it and become more profitable down the stretch. Similar to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, Valuedesk gives companies and their teams the means to implement savings and optimizations in an organized and consistent manner. Through this means of implementation, a new software category and management method is created which is prized to become the new industry standard. Similar to Salesforce, Valuedesk aims to set off as the global market leader in a recently found category. Valuedesk is seeking for further Series A financing within the next two years. “This substantial investment provides a great opportunity for us. We are currently searching for the best staff and improving technology so that customers worldwide are not able to pass on us. We are convinced that many companies are failing to reach their potential as they are unaware of what they are capable of. We can help the global economy strive for a greater use of its capacity by implementing successful processes that are made here in Germany. Securing more and more jobs is of most importance as we look at the current economic situation,” says Torsten R. Bendlin, CEO Valuedesk GmbH.

“The demand for a cost-conscious mentality plays a tremendous role in the economy. Especially during the corona crisis, many companies lack the possibility to implement optimization measures in a controllable and reliable way. We are convinced that company-wide standardization of savings management can create a new enterprise software category that provides budget managers with greater transparency and better decision-making. Across a broad customer base we have been more than impressed with the successful implementation of the solution. We firmly believe that Valuedesk will establish itself as the global market standard for cost optimization.” Says Dr. Ingo Potthoff, Managing Partner at UVC Partners.

“The tools and the user-friendly solutions are what impress me the most about Valuedesk. Easily growing within the company, the solutions from Valuedesk finally create a financially effective way to safely implement transparent optimization measures in companies. I see a great demand for cost optimization and the solutions should not only be applied in Germany, but also worldwide. The team at Valuedesk has proven over the last three years that they have developed a well-established and powerful software solution on the current market.” says Dr. Daniel Holz, one of the new co-shareholders of Valuedesk.

So far the largest seed funding round in the Eastern Westphalia-Lippe region

Valuedesk received the largest seed funding round that the eastern Westphalia-Lippe startup scene has ever seen. Valuedesk was founded in 2017 and currently has a team of 17 employees and the team is expected to triple in size next year. The company works with local heroes as well as global market leaders and is already one of the most successful startups and young companies in the East Westphalia-Lippe region.

Another major player has recently been added to the repertoire since September of this year. Phoenix Contact, the global leader in electrical engineering, trusts the services of the pioneers in Bielefeld. “We have launched a new company-wide savings process in the entire Phoenix Connect world at the hands of Valuedesk. We want to raise indirect savings into EBIT, develop global purchasing as a value driver, and coordinate measures across all locations. Thanks to Valuedesk’s guided savings approach, implementation within the company takes very little required training,” says Markus Brentano, Vice President Corporate Purchase of PHOENIX CONTACT.

“We will optimize millions in costs over the next five years working together with Valuedesk. We believe that by networking with our most important suppliers, raising awareness, and developing the personal and systematic skills of our colleagues that this is attainable. A healthy ten percent of our workforce is working collectively on consistently implementing optimization measures on our Valuedesk platform.” Says Kerstin Hochmüller, CEO and shareholder of the Marantec Company Group.

Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners

Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners (UVC Partners) is a Munich- and Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology-based startups in the areas of enterprise software, industrial technologies and mobility. The fund typically invests between € 0.5 - 4m initially and up to € 15m in total per company.

Portfolio companies benefit from the extensive investment and exit experience of the management team as well as from the close cooperation with UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s leading innovation and business creation center. With over 240 employees and more than 100 industry partners, UnternehmerTUM can draw from many years of experience in establishing young companies. This cooperation enables UVC Partners to offer startups unique access to talent, industry customers, and other financial partners. The portfolio includes investments such as Blickfeld, Carjump (Free2Move), FlixBus, KONUX, TWAICE and Vimcar.


Valuedesk GmbH was born in 2017 as an outcome from the German Mittelstand. Valuedesk allows companies to identify hidden savings and optimization potentials which enables them to efficiently implement it and become more profitable down the stretch. We combine our specialized software with individual customer-oriented concepts that are easily implemented. By providing companies the right tools, both methodically and technologically, Valuedesk will be able to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive in the future.
Founded in 2017 by Torsten Bendlin, Ingo Roßdeutscher and Dennis Cutraro, Valuedesk now employs 17 people in Bielefeld’s historic old town. Valuedesk is one of the most successful startups in the East Westphalia-Lippe region and works with both local heroes and global market leaders together. Primary customers stem from process industries such as mechanical engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive, furniture and the furniture supply industry.

UnternehmerTUM – Europe’s Leading Center for Innovation and Business Creation
UnternehmerTUM is a unique platform for the development of innovations. UnternehmerTUM actively identifies innovative technologies and initiates new business through the systematic networking of talents, technologies, capital and customers. UnternehmerTUM offers founders and startups a complete service from the initial idea to IPO. A team of 240 experienced entrepreneurs, including scientists and investors, supports startups with business creation, market entry and financing – also with venture capital. For established companies, a team of experienced consultants offers access to the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem. UnternehmerTUM has many years of expertise in the development of innovation strategies and the implementation of technology-driven business ideas.
Founded in 2002 by the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, UnternehmerTUM is the leading center for innovation and business creation in Europe with more than 50 high-growth technology startups every year - including Celonis, Konux and Lilium.

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