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26 April 2021
Leadership & Tech Education

When Franziska Heyde gets going as a coach or trainer, one thing is certain: the entire attention is focused on her, spellbound. From the first sentence to the last. Students, founders, corporates - we get enthusiastic feedback from all of them about her inspiring work. We wanted to know how she came to this profession, what motivates her as a coach and what she gives her coachees to take with them.

Franziska Heyde has been working for UnternehmerTUM since 2011. In her seminars, she makes entrepreneurial personalities fit for their own innovation work. She has also founded several companies herself. In the meantime, as Senior Expert Entrepreneurship and Tech Education at the UnternehmerTUM Academy for Innovators, she is responsible for formats such as "Technology Entrepreneurship Lab", which has recently been opened to professionals as well.

Video Cover

Interview with Franziska Heyde about "Coaching" (in German language)

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