TIE2 International Lab

Advance your Tech Project in China

Are you a high-tech pioneer and thrilled about bringing your tech project to China? TIE2 International Lab provides you with the necessary network, coaching and logistics to do this.

Together with up to 8 teams (up to 16 students, scientists and entrepreneurs) from Tsinghua University in Beijing, you will collaborate on your project in intercultural and mixed settings. Experts from industry and research as well as founders and venture capitalists will coach and feedback you in order to bring your tech project to the next level.

During two exchange periods – Chinese teams in Munich and German teams in Beijing – you will experience the commonalities and differences between the German and Chinese market conditions and start-up cultures.

To ease your market or tech exploration in China, you will get support by the Chinese participants. Respectively, you will help a Chinese team with their challenges here in Munich.

youR benefits:

/ Collaboration with entrepreneurs from China's top tech university

/ Unique chance of exploring the Chinese market and start-up culture

/ Covered lodging costs for the stay in China (flight and visa excluded)

/ Expert feedback, coaching and peer-learning

/ 6 ECTS for TUM students (faculty-dependent)


Apply until 28 February 2019 to techtalents@unternehmertum.de!


Your contact persons

Dominik Böhler

Dr Dominik Böhler

Head of Entrepreneurship & Tech Education

+49 89-18 94 69-1512
@ boehler@unternehmertum.de




Flyer SS 2019


/ Start of application period: mid of January 2019
/ Application deadline: 28 February 2019
/ 6 May 2019: Kick-Off Event
/ 26 May - 1 June 2019: German teams in Beijing, working on German projects
/ 15 - 21 September 2019: Chinese teams in Munich, working on Chinese projects

Participation requirements

UnternehmerTUM and X-Lab in China each select up to 8 teams à 2 people for a collaboration in intercultural and mixed settings.

/ You and your team mate are committed during both exchange periods (see DATES).

/ You have a strong technical background

/ Your team wants to experience the Chinese market and start-up culture

/ Together with your team mate you hold >50% of the shares in your project or start-up

/ Your team may have been incorporated and already received funding or grants (no precondition) or is at least in an early concept phase (proof-of-concept done, prototype ready, hypotheses tested)

Contents and sequence

  • / Working in intercultural and mixed settings
    You will connect with entrepreneurially minded students, scientists, founders and VCs from China and Germany which will help you to develop your skills on a personal, social and functional level.
  • / Boosting internationalization
    You will learn to understand different customer needs in different markets which will open you the doors to become internationally successful with your project in times of globalization and digitalization.
  • / Building a strong international network
    Due to the close collaboration with the Chinese teams and the one week stay in Beijing, you will lay the foundation for future German-Chinese partnerships and network relations.
  • / Deliverables during the programme
    The following submissions will be mandatory for a successful participation:
    1. Revision of your summary
    2. Pitches in Beijing and Munich
    3. Revised 2 minute video
    4. Final presentation of progress
    5. Learnings, results, pivots

Success stories

  • Team Shopeur
  • / Shopeur
    Directly engaging and interacting with premium clients in China, this is the service that Shopeur offers to European luxury brands. The team develops a multi-brand business platform, which links Chinese travelers visiting Europe to labels which offer European luxury goods. By uploading pictures or product codes, Chinese travelers can pre-order a list of products and locate the stores once they arrive at a certain destination in Europe. Users can receive individual suggestions for unavailable products, or get product suggestions through the APP’s exclusive inspire feed.

    During the international lab TIE2 the team was able to conduct over 40 face-to-face interviews with potential customers, pitched their idea on multiple occasions and received valuable feedback from Chinese investors and serial entrepreneurs.

    TIE² truly was one of the accelerators for Shopeur! The exchange programme enabled us to validate Shopeur and to build the foundation of our growing business network in China. We are still receiving valuable support from x-Lab even months after our trip to China!
  • / Caala
    Europe’s construction industry is responsible for 40% of the overall energy consumption, 50% of resource consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions – a problem that Caala wants to tackle. The team provides a cloud-based software which offers real-time calculations of the energy demands of buildings during the design process.

    Through TIE² Caala met potential investors, secured a financing offer as well as new pilot customers. The team also started solid business relationships with attorneys at law and tax. Beyond that, the team emphasizes the supportive culture within the TIE² community as an important key to reach common and individual goals.

    The TIE²-community has significantly accelerated our development by proving an excellent environment for likeminded entrepreneurs ready to share both insights and networks.
  • Team Caala

Collaborative partners

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