Corporate innovation with B.NEO: 5 questions to... Marcus Venmann
In our section „5 questions to…“, we introduce people from UnternehmerTUM and their projects regularly.
Marcus Venmann has been Managing Director of UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH whose offer is aimed at established companiessince the beginning of 2018. With more than 20 years of professional experience in setting up and implementing businesses with high-tech services and products, he has a decisive influence on the strategic orientation of  UnternehmerTUM's offerings for companies and customer projects. His responsibilities include the consulting unit B.NEO, where he focuses on business development, go-to-market strategies, innovation and change management, in short: the development of new business areas and progress through innovation.


1. You've just carried out a rebranding of UnternehmerTUM's consulting unit. Where is B.NEO heading towards in the future?

Since the end of 2018, we have been offering professional innovation consulting and the development of new business for established companies under the name B.NEO (formerly New Venture Creation). B.NEO's customers are typically medium-sized and large companies. Our knowledge and experience results from hundreds of innovation projects in which we've been applying our business design principles since 2010. Our consulting services are divided into four core segments: Innovation Strategy, Corporate Incubation, Corporate Venturing and Company Building.

2. What is your goal with this reorientation?

We specialize in continuous, professional innovation consulting, from strategy, identification of new potentials, development and scaling of new business approaches to spin-offs. Our vision is to anchor the culture of entrepreneurship and the associated methods, so far demonstrated by startups, more firmly in companies. These methods should help established companies to remain competitive and to master the transition into the 21st century. Consequently, we're always developing new formats and service offerings and adapting our approach to our client's challenges. Our consulting services go hand in hand with other services offered by UnternehmerTUM such as training or prototyping sprints. Furthermore, we're experiencing on a daily basis that the topic of (cultural) change is becoming increasingly important in innovation projects. And here, too, we see ourselves as a competent and versatile companion that provides valuable impulses during the transformation to an agile, digital company.

3. What distinguishes you from other consultancies? What are you offering your clients that others can't?

Compared to classical consultancies, we stand out due to three factors: Our diverse team, the colourful UnternehmerTUM ecosystem and our way of working. Our B.NEO team consists of consultants, founders and former corporate employees. We are therefore able to understand both the corporate and the startup world, enabling us to combine and master the new dimensions in the innovation process. As part of the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, we also live under one roof with all of the startups, technology experts and financing gurus from the most diverse industries. This immediate network offers a solution for almost every problem in building new business and we use it proactively. We don't just create "strategy slides" that we throw at customers and leave them alone with it. We deliver hands-on results from real customer interviews, click dummies, first prototypes, validated business models and offers and see real partnerships developing. Instead of being rigid business people in suits, we live agility and innovation ourselves and interact at eye level with our customers.

4. Are there "typical cases" in which customers approach you?

Our clients are often looking for new ways to meet their innovative challenges. Classic approaches are no longer effective in an increasingly dynamic market with unpredictable developments. Our customers have questions related to innovation and founding - even aside from their core business. This requires structures, methods and coaching along the entire innovation process. In the phase of idea generation and validation, the agile methods of business design offer companies the added value of quickly trying out new ideas and gaining security in decision-making. Typical questions are: "How can I expand my technology into a new application?", "How can I engage my main customer groups with new products / services?", "How can I quickly decide whether an idea is marketable?", or "Is this business case worthwhile?" While designing and realizing an idea, questions in the transition from an established company to a new company will arise, for example: "How do I design the market approach?" or "How do I spin off a new idea?“ For us, it's not about replacing approved and successful procedures in companies but rather about expanding them with our methods and approaches.

5. Which projects or which parts of the project work are particularly exciting for you?

It's especially exciting for me to see what we achieve for our customers in the long term. In ideation workshops they often come up with new, creative ideas and innovations and then realize what potential they have. In joint projects, company employees become more agile, more courageous, think and act in a new way while retaining corporate responsibility. Many adopt our way of working in their daily work. It's also exciting to generate innovative ideas in a highly dynamic or uncertain environment and to develop them further or clearly reject them through evident market and customer feedback. When we accompany a customer from the initial idea to the spin-off of a start-up and beyond and are able to experience the success, this is a highlight, of course!


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