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Team development

Optimum development for start-up teams

The main characteristic of an effective start-up team is good distribution of tasks and roles. This includes staffing key jobs in good time, or building up the expertise needed to fill them. We shall support you in distributing tasks and functions effectively and strengthening your team.

How you will benefit:
  • Building up your own start-up team and developing it further
  • Distributing tasks and functions appropriately and effectively among the team
  • Useful tools for team expansion

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Your personal contact

Dr. Elisabeth Raes

Project Leader Team Development
Entrepreneurial Network

@ raes@unternehmertum.de

The most important aspects at a glance

  • Target Group

    students of electrical engineering and information technology, information sciences, mechanical engineering and the TUM School of Management

  • Format




  • Credit Points

    No credit points can be claimed for this event.

  • Kosten

    Costs may vary depending on the duration.

Contents and tools

  • Team Development Workshop

    IThe team-development workshop will consider the following questions:

    • How can collaboration among the members of the start-up team be made as successful as possible?
    • What further steps are awaiting us when it comes to expanding the team?
    • What change processes await the staff over the next few weeks (clarification of current task and role allocation)?
    • What questions of organisational development (from a "small" three-man operation to a growing start-up (> 10 staff)) must be answered at this point?
    • How must our start-up team be deployed so that it makes an attractive and expandable impression on an investor?
  • Recruiting guide

    This guide will accompany you and your team systematically through your own recruiting process. It will help, e.g. through targeted questions, in drawing up a job advertisement, and will also prepare you for forthcoming interviews with the applicants.

  • Conflict management, mediation

    The UnternehmerTUM conflict management for start-up has two focal points: the first is preventative, to solve conflicts. This includes workshops for the start-up teams at which preventive conflict strategies are learned.
    And secondly, in the case of already existing conflicts for a selection of teams, mediation will be offered, with the help of a neutral chairman, to create a win-win situation.

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