Would you like to assume managerial responsibility in the future - or even found your own start-up? Would you like to develop innovative products and concepts, together with renowned companies? Or bring new technologies to market together with tech scientists?

Then all you have to do is apply to Manage&More!

Every semester, UnternehmerTUM awards 20 scholarships to committed, entrepreneurial-minded students from all of Munich's universities, and, over the course of three semesters, accompanies you on your way to becoming a leader. Each semester, you'll work on new problem scenarios in interdisciplinary teams, developing your entrepreneurial expertise!

IN only 18 MONths...
  • You'll acquire broad experience of project management
  • You'll learn to develop innovative business ideas thanks to Business Design & Design Thinking
  • You'll gain deep insights into the innovation work of big companies
  • You'll find out more about your own values and goals – by means of an intensive examination of your own personality, under professional supervision
  • You'll expand your personal network with numerous entrepreneurs and young professionals from our Alumni Association

Your participation - including all events and training courses - is fully funded by UnternehmerTUM and its programme partners.


The application deadline for the 33th Manage&More generation has expired. In April 2020, we will open the application for the program start in WS20/21.

Detailed information on participation in the programme is available at Prerequisites.

Your personal contact

Claudia Liebethal, Executive Director Manage&More

Dr. Claudia Liebethal

Executive Director Manage&More
Entrepreneurship Education

+49 89-18 94 69-1513


Cooperation partners


Content and process

How will you spend your three Manage&More semesters? Developing new products, designing business models, or creating your own start-up? The decision is entirely up to you! Every semester there are various projects for you to choose from. Find out more about what each individual programme involves:

Manage&More Business Design Bootcamp

Your journey with Manage&More begins with a week-long, intensive Business Design Bootcamp under the guidance of professional coaches. There, you and the other scholarship students in your year will learn all about the basic methods of design thinking and human-centred design, as taught e.g. at Stanford – and, in the following semesters, they’ll enable you to solve business problems from a user perspective.

Business Design Deep Dive

We offer you the opportunity to deepen your newly-gained knowledge of innovation management and also to gain experience of project management. As part of a student Manage&More advisory team, you’ll support companies like BMW, Bosch and MAN in the design of new products and services, and communicate your results directly to department head level. Through it all you’ll be supported by an experienced consultant from UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH, who will provide methodical input.

Start-up projects

Make your dreams a reality! From beer homebrewing sets to IoT sensor technology solutions: over the past 10 years, with support from experienced start-up coaches, more than 80 teams of Manage&More scholarship students have made the successful step from student to founder. Find out more about our start-ups.

Internal projects

With the internal projects, you’ll actively help to shape both the Manage&More programme and its network as well as the Munich-based start-up scene - whether it involves initiating new international collaborations, organizing events such as visits to companies, or the pitch competition Start&Spread.

Development into a leader

As part of a Manage&More cooperation with the Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG), we make it possible for you to go through an intensive process to become a manager or entrepreneur. You’ll gain a clear idea of your personality, your understanding of leadership, your motivation, and your values.

Mentoring, coaching und workshops

At the beginning of the programme you’ll be provided with an experienced mentor from the business world. Together with the coaches from UnternehmerTUM, he will accompany your professional and personal development throughout the program - and often beyond it! In addition, as a scholarship student, you’ll have access during each semester to up to ten free workshops ranging from vocal training to application training, enabling you to further develop your soft and hard skills.

International orientation

Manage&More offers you an international perspective: for example, with start-up tours in business-creation cities across Europe, and the organization of internships in Palo Alto, Tel Aviv or Singapore. For study trips, also in the context of a master's thesis, we maintain links with renowned universities such as Stanford, or Tongji-University in Shanghai.




UnternehmerTUM network

UnternehmerTUM brings together a high-tech incubator, a prototype workshop, a VC fund and an innovation consultancy under one roof. With its expertise, contacts and resources, it offers you the perfect platform for an excellent entrepreneurial education as well as the chance to create your own business.

Strong alumni network

The Manage&More Alumni Association was formed in July 2005, and now has over 600 members. As a powerful and entrepreneurial network, it accompanies you beyond your active time as a scholarship student, and offers you numerous career opportunities through exchanges with other entrepreneurially interested and dedicated personalities.

For the 18-month programme, we award 20 scholarships per semester.

  • You’re studying at a Munich university, in at least the third semester, and your performance is very good to good.
  • You’d like to assume managerial responsibility, found your own business, or act innovatively as an entrepreneur within a company.
  • You like assuming responsibility, you are solution-oriented in your actions, you think innovatively, and you’re interested in personal and professional development.
  • You think and act entrepreneurially in your everyday life and environment.
  • You already have some experience of interdisciplinary project work and teamwork and/or you're already involved in entrepreneurial activities.
  • You have mastery of spoken and written German (minimum level B2).
  • You have an average of 15 to 20 hours a week to devote to Manage&More (during the whole semester, also during the semester break) and have a good sense of time management as well as self-management.

Application procedure

Created with Sketch. Semester 1   Notification (by e-mail) about preselection Stage 2         Interviews Stage 1 Online application
Applying to start in the WINTER semester of 2020/21

Stage 1 – Online application

  • 01.12.2019: Application deadline
  • 19.12.2019: Notification (by e-mail) about preselection
Stage 2 – Interviews
  • 16./17. and 20./21.01.2020: Interviews
  • by 24.01.2020: Notification (by e-mail) about selection for Manage&More

Manage&More introduction dates for new fellows

  • 04./05.03.2020: Kick-off outside Munich (with overnight stay)
  • 09.-20.03.2020 (except weekends): Manage&More introduction sessions and Manage&More Business Design Bootcamp, all day long, at UnternehmerTUM
  • 25.-27.03.2020: Manage&More semester start, all day long, at UnternehmerTUM
  • 30.03.-04.04.2020: start of Manage&More projects, single days/ slots during this period, at UnternehmerTUM
  • Winter semester 2020/21: 28.06.2020
  • Summer semester 2021: 06.12.2020

Application is only possible for the upcoming semester.

Any questions? Take a look at our FAQs, or contact us:

Marina Moskvina

Dr. Claudia Liebethal  
+49 89 18 94 69-1513

Success stories

Here's where Manage&More alumni are at work:

Logos Erfolge.PNG

  • Verena Schechner

    Verena Schechner, CEO of NOAX Technologies AG
    For a long time, taking over the company "NOAX Technologies" from her parents only three years after graduation was not the specific objective of Manage&More alumna Verena Schechner. Today, however, she is the sole director of the company, which manufactures robust and reliable industrial PCs "Made in Germany". The time that Verena spent with Manage&More was key to her successful mastery of this step: it was where she learned how to develop promising innovations for a company like BMW, for example - as part of an interdisciplinary team, and in close cooperation with the customer.

  • KONUX_1280x930.jpg

    Andreas Kunze and Dennis Humhal, co-founders of KONUX
    Success across the board: The tech start-up KONUX, established by Manage&More scholarship students Andreas Kunze and Dennis Humhal, and their co-founder Vlad Lata, has existed since March 2014. With the help of smart sensors and AI-based analytics, KONUX provides real-time insights into machine and infrastructure statuses. This gives companies the opportunity to carry out predictive maintenance and to keep their operating costs significantly lower. After a successful 7.5 million A-round, with the participation of German VCs and Silicon Valley heavyweights such as Michael Baum and Andreas von Bechtolsheim, KONUX successfully won several customers including the German railway. Next year, as it continues to expand geographically and deepen its industrial applications, KONUX will be monitoring almost 600 points systems in the rail network. We wish it continued success!

  • komoot

    Markus and Tobias Hallermann, co-founders of komoot GmbH  
    With komoot, outdoor travel has never been easier. With the help of data mining and machine learning, the outdoor navigation system comes up with personalized cycling and walking tours - including lots of detailed information to go with them, such as distance travelled, difficulty, and offline topographical maps. Komoot was founded in 2010 by the Manage&More alumni Markus and Tobias Hallermann, along with four more colleagues. In the meatime, the team has grown to become international. In November 2013 komoot succeeded at what many founders dream of: a seven-digit round of financing. Markus and Tobias Hallermann: “With the fresh funding, we will continue to build our team and take the next steps, particularly in the area of recommendation algorithms." In this way, komoot plans to inspire its users to participate in ever new outdoor activities – while continuing to work on its own success story.

  • Reipschläger_1280x930.jpg

    Philipp Reipschläger, Programme Manager at Lufthansa Technik AG
    Philipp Reipschläger was a scholarship holder of one of the first Manage&More generations.
    The Manage&More Experience Day at Lufthansa has brought Philipp Reipschläger's attention to the opportunities within the company. He started his career at Lufthansa Technik AG in a trainee program and continued to climb the company's career ladder. At Lufthansa Technik AG, he is now responsible for a program consisting of 12 subprojects with 12 different project teams in the area of landing gear overhaul.
    The aim of the program is to make the division profitable again. At Manage&More he developed the ability to organize and manage projects, which helped him enormously at the beginning of his career.


  • Greiss_1280x930.jpg

    Sebastian Greiss, Associate at next47

    Sebastian Greiss is an Associate at next47 - global venture firm with a USD 1 billion fund. He identifies entrepreneurs who think big and build companies that change the way we live and work.
    In addition to scouting new investment opportunities and building market expertise, Sebastian also manages cooperation projects with start-ups to help them scale.
    The initital spark to work with ambitious entrepreneurs was founded at Manage&More. At the program he also learned the importance of self-reflection which aligns with his desire to continously learn how the world will change.


  • Braufässchen

    Ping Lu, Dominik Guber and Wolfgang Westermeier, founders of Customized Drinks GmbH
    With the ‘brewbarrel’, everyone can produce beer to their individual taste within just one week, and without any previous knowledge. In 2012, the three founders of Brewbarrel got to know each other at Manage&More, successfully implemented their idea, and founded their own company. Since its launch in the summer of 2012, the start-up has sold more than 80,000 brewbarrels - almost 40,000 of them in the 2014 financial year, corresponding to annual sales of 1.3 million euros. And it looks like things will continue to grow: ever since the autumn of 2014 the founders have been driving internationalization with the global brand variant "Brewbarrel" and an English webshop. In addition, the company wants to continue to grow through distribution of raw materials for home brewing as well as high-quality food additives such as flavourings. In the spring of 2015, Customized Drinks GmbH was nominated for the German Founders Award, and made it to the finals.

  • Motius

    Zièd Bahrouni, Daniel Weiß, Michael Sauer, Philipp Dörner and Sören Gunia, founders of Motius GmbH
    Full Manage&More power! With their company Motius, the five Manage&More scholarship students established a new development service provider specializing in pre-development and prototyping, using the latest technologies. Motius has made this possible because of its flexible structure, with an employee pool of over 500 students, young graduates and researchers from the fields of mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering. The company puts them together to form specialist project teams who fit requirements precisely. Alongside BMW, Bosch and Fujitsu, Motius’s customers also include hidden champions and SMEs in German industry. Parallel to this, Motius set up a site in Oman two years ago, and is offering “product development Made in Germany" in the Gulf for companies and government organizations.

  • Brainboost_1280x930.jpg

    Philipp Heiler und Tobias Heiler, founders of Brainboost Neurofeedback
    better brain. better life. Mental fitness for everyone!
    Under this motto Philipp Heiler, licensed physician, and Tobias Heiler, sports scientist and manager, founded brainboost Neurofeedback in 2016. Neurofeedback, a special form of biofeedback, is based on EEG analysis from medicine and is a technically supported brain training. The user controls a computer game, a film or music with certain brain activities. In this way, the brain receives precise feedback on various activity patterns and learns to generate them in a targeted manner. Thus, different states, such as concentration or relaxation, can be specially trained. In addition to the practice for neurofeedback, in which clients are treated daily, brainboost has specialized in companies and developed various measures for corporate health management in the area of stress prevention.