UnternehmerTUM | XPLORE - startup pre-incubation program

Kick-off your Startup Idea

Do you have a founding idea? Your idea is technology-based? You haven't founded yet, but want to take up the challenge? Apply to XPLORE!

XPLORE is the pre-incubation program of UnternehmerTUM. Together with you we develop:

  • a valid business model
  • test the market potential of your idea
  • develop a successful team and
  • prepare the first financing

The program is open to technology-based startup ideas. In addition, we offer custom bootcamps with a focus on MedTech.

Target Group
  • Entrepreneurial talents and already existing teams
  • Early stage technology business ideas.
  • No prototype and business plan needed
  • Not yet incorporated (UG, GmbH, etc.)
  • Ideas in the smart city context are highly welcome

We enable you...

  •                                                  ...to apply top notch startup tools with focus on business and team creation
  •                                                      ...with individual coaching sessions to deepen your customer understanding
  •                                                             ... to get your first funding
  •                                                   ...to team up with the right co-founders

Your Benefits


    ...explore your business idea through a systematic learning process


    ...understand the customer need and define your value proposition

  • ...develop a viable business concept in key topics (prototyping, customer, market opportunity)


    ...team up and build a strong team with a common purpose, vision and culture

Hard Facts

  •                                                         8 weeks programme (onsite and remote)
  •                                                  Garching (Munich) and remote coaching
  •                                                            Gateway to prototyping grants of the Initiative for Industrial Innovators
  •                                                             Free of charge


  • Batch

  • Deadline

    09. June
    23. June
    25. August
    29. September
  • Bootcamp phase

    25. - 27. June
    06. - 08. August
    07. - 09. Oktober
    11. - 13. November
  • TeamUp & TalentUp Deep Dives

    03. July 2019
    12. August 2019
    22. October 2019
    19. November 2019
  • Coaching phase

    04. Jul -12. Aug
    13. Aug - 23. Sept
    23. Oct - 09. Dec
    20. Nov - 16. Dec
  • Pitch&MakeTank

    13. August 2019
    06. November 2019
    10. December 2019
    17. December 2019

XPLORE is open for every technology-based idea:

Application for our upcoming XPLORE bootcamp

From all applications we will select up to 15 founding teams. All applicants will be contacted after the deadline with further information. If you don’t make the cut, don’t worry, you may be shifted to a later batch.

Apply now!



  • BOOTCAMP (week 1): 2,5 days Bootcamp

    TEAMUP & TALENTUP DEEP DIVES (week 2): 1 day

    VALIDATION PHASE (week 2- 7): 7 weeks coaching

    PITCH EVENT AND MAKETANK (week 8): Pitches at expert session

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  • MedTech Bootcamp

    Professionalize your project and team of medical scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in the MedTech Bootcamp. You should bring strong interest in technology and be ready to develop your business idea into a startup.

    Application for MedTech Bootcamp

    Bootcamp phase: 9 – 12 September 2019
    Application deadline: 14 July 2019

    More Information



    Boost your startup project with additional skills, expertise and wo/man-power! For the duration of the 8-week XPLORE batch we can match you with a high-performing talents of the manage&more program by UnternehmerTUM to make you(r) startup ready! manage&more scholars support you in developing a valid business model, testing market chances and preparing first financing. While doing so, the project teams will be supported through professional coaching sessions. Apply now for XPLORE Batch #5!

Bootcamp phase: 7th - 9th of October 2019
Application deadline: 25th of August 2019

Your Coaches

ContaCt: xplore@unternehmertum.de 
  • Patrycja Krauzowicz

    Constanze backhaus

    Startup HR & Talent Acquisition

  • template

    harald jenull

    Customer Development & IP

  • Dr. Florian Becke

    Dr. Florian Becke

    Ideation, Beachhead Market Development & IP

  • Andreas Jesda Jügelt

    Andreas jesda jügelt

    Business Model Generation & Funding Strategy

  • template

    Doris Schönbeck

    Team Building & Development

  • template

    bianca zwiebler-schmalz

    Market Segmentation & Customer Interviews (currently on maternity leave)