'Startinsland' business plan competition: Get the ball rolling!
Working on a new concept and need feedback on its viability? Like to get into contact with others preparing a business start-up? Think your project could well be about to achieve a breakthrough? The 'Startinsland' business competition can provide you with feedback, a share of money and non-cash prizes with a total value of more than €25,000, access to networking events and mentored training courses.

The competition is looking for the top start-up ideas of teams based in south-west Germany. Anyone is eligible to enter 'Startinsland' irrespective of whether they already have a business, are a student or simply a part-time ideas generator. The competition itself consists of two phases:
Phase 1: Three-page concept; prizes of up to €500; deadline for entries: 23 April 2017
Phase 2: Maximum 20-page business plan; prizes of up to €5000.
Deadline to register to be present at the awards ceremony:
22 May 2017

For more information visit www.startinsland.de.

Businessplan-Wettbewerb Startinsland