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Launch of the 'Startup Talents' talent pool – 700 members already on board
Talent Pool "Startup Talents"
An effective team consisting of skilled individuals is a fundamental prerequisite that will ensure the success of any start-up. Are you on the look-out for qualified personnel? UnternehmerTUM has launched its new 'Startup Talents' pool of talented individuals to help you find suitable additions to your start-up team.

'Startup Talents' is a public LinkedIn group and offline community through which tech start-up founders and those with the required expertise can find each other and thus create the necessary talented line-up. This talent pool brings together tech, business and start-up skills on a single platform. The posting of job vacancy announcements is free.

For direct access to the LinkedIn group, got to: linkedin.com/groups/13534350
For additional information on recruitment, matching and coaching options, please contact Constanze Backhaus, backhaus@unternehmertum.de.