TECHFEST MUNICH 2017 – A total success
This year's TECHFEST MUNICH ended with the final TECHSLAM on Sunday. 330 hackers, techies, designers and artists from all over the world took just 72 hours to develop over 60 ideas for new products and services. State-of-the-art technologies plus the machines in the high-tech workshop MakerSpace produced not only codes but real, tangible products.

  • 330 delighted participants from 26 countries
  • 72 hours of hacking, prototyping, workshops and partying
  • 69 new ideas for the world we want to live in
  • Three winning teams: A smart toilet, a headband
    with a 3D camera to help blind people get their bearings, and
    a system that turns everyday objects into joysticks
Sleeping situations    
Copyright UnternehmerTUM/Bert Willer

A pair of augmented-reality welding goggles, a digital milkmaid that indicates when the milk is spoiled, a smart cooler for an uninterrupted cold chain when transporting food or an augmented-reality application which teaches electronic basics to children – The creative teams at the TECHFEST came up with a total of 69 ideas and projects.
From all the projects submitted, the jury chose the three winning teams:
The first prize went to ‘Winnie Loo’: The team developed a sensor for toilets that automatically analyzes the urine values and provides suitable tips on nutrition and health.

The winning team: Winnie Loo
Copyright UnternehmerTUM/Bert Willer


The second prize went to SPAN (Spacial Navigation for Everyone): The team created a headband with an integrated 3D camera and haptic sensors that enables blind people to get their bearings.
The third prize was won by the team Freddie 'n' Friends: they developed a detachable orientation sensor that transforms everyday objects into game controllers.
In MakerSpace, the 1,500-sq m high-tech workshop at UnternehmerTUM, the participants were able to build their first prototypes. In the Hardware Library they were given the latest tech gadgets such as drones, arduinos and hololenses.

Teamwork at MakerSpace
Copyright UnternehmerTUM/Bert Willer 

And on top of the MakerSpace and the Hardware Library, the participants were also really delighted at the chance to work together in interdisciplinary teams.

Yunyun Sun, founder from London: "I'm super happy to be here. I work here in a team with experts from lots of different areas – from biologists and hackers to database engineers and chemists. We develop things here that probably wouldn’t ever be possible without all these people here."


The TECHFEST MUNICH 2018 will be held from June 15th to 17th 2018!
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