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Celebrating the startup scene – our review of Bits & Pretzels 2019
Three days of startup spirit: This year’s Bits & Pretzels event, one of the most important startup fairs in Europe, was held in Munich between September 29 and October 1. It offered startup enthusiasts an impressive program with renowned speakers, topical stages and plenty of time and space for networking. The high-caliber opening ceremony alone drew a large number of people: The appearance of star guest Barack Obama will be remembered by most visitors as a particular highlight - and is... Read more

UnternehmerTUM gets new colors
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Changes are coming in the next few weeks, since UnternehmerTUM will be launching its new corporate design. This means a brand new logo but also a new design for our print materials, newsletter, website and social media presence. In other words - an update for our entire brand. These changes will be introduced one step at a time over the next few months. Stay tuned! Why the changes? UnternehmerTUM has grown rapidly over recent years. With over 250 employees and 27 different programs, we’... Read more

Startup tips: Ciara - "Ignore the risk of failure"
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Startup life lessons: In our startup story with Ciara, we've introduced you to the Ciara team and their innovation. In this article, you'll learn about the hacks that have helped them reach their milestones and improve their daily business. With their digital assistant, the team from Ciara took off two times in a row: Founded in January this year, it had already acquired a million-euro investment by May. The founders know how to pick up pace in an early stage of the business. Founder... Read more

Start-up Story: Ciara – A million-euro investment within 3 months in the digital sales sector
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Our startup stories introduce you to fascinating founding teams that have arisen from the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem. With their digital assistant, the team from Ciara took off two times in a row: Founded in January this year, it had already acquired a million-euro investment by May. With their sights set on big visions, the founders are particularly interested in having the right team by their side. What is Ciara all about? It offers a digital 'Inside Sales' assistant. Ciara is a softw... Read more

Launch of DIGITAL BUSINESS LAB: Ready for the digital future
UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s leading Center for Innovation and Business Creation, celebrates the launch of its new "Digital Business Lab". In cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, UnternehmerTUM strives to provide medium-sized companies in Bavaria with particularly fast and practical assistance in their digital transformation process. "Especially medium-sized companies are affected dramatically by the digital transformation", says Managing Director and co-initiator Sas... Read more

TECHFEST Munich 2019: Accelerating into a better future
Last Sunday, this year's TECHFEST Munich ended with a brilliant finale. UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and business creation, hosted the event in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich for the fourth time. The three-day festival is one of the most important events in the European hackathon and tech scene and among the annual highlight events of UnternehmerTUM. With great public attention, it demonstrated how to build bridges between young talents a... Read more

Honorary professorship for Dr. Helmut Schönenberger
Dr. Helmut Schönenberger (47), co-founder and CEO of UnternehmerTUM, has been appointed honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). His mission: to turn even more high-growth startups from the university environment into market leaders of tomorrow. At the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (TUM ERI) of TUM School of Management, Dr. Schönenberger is now part of the professorship. He represents the focus "Entrepreneurship Practice" in the field of business administratio... Read more

Startup story: Passbase - a digital identity
In our startup stories, we introduce you to exciting teams of founders that have participated in the programs of UnternehmerTUM. Passbase ticks a lot of startup cliché boxes: Founded in Silicon Valley by a young dynamic team, working 24/7 weeks and steering towards the international hot spots: San Francisco, London, Berlin, New York. Still, the founders are keeping their feet on the ground: mistakes are there to learn from, employees should think from a CEO perspective and they preserv... Read more

More and more young German companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) in their products and services - a total of 62% more than in 2018. These are increasingly concentrated in the two AI hubs in Berlin and Munich, and only a few AI startups are created in regions such as Baden-Württemberg or North Rhine-Westphalia where medium-sized companies are traditionally located. Since 2009, around EUR1.2 billion has been invested in AI startups in Germany - but there is still a lack of investment... Read more