Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Side by Side with successful Entrepreneurs in Europe

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme brings together intending business starters and experienced entrepreneurs from all over Europe. You will benefit from mutual exchange of knowledge and experience and will open up new European markets for your own business.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is financed by the European Union. UnternehmerTUM coordinates the programme as a contact for business starters and guest entrepreneurs from Germany.

How you will benefit:
  • You will benefit from mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • You will expand your business network.
  • You will get access to new markets in Europe for your own business.


Apply now with your CV and business plan on the website of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.


Your personal contacts

Yevgeniya Wirz

Katharina Kratzer

Project Manager International Cooperation
Entrepreneurial Network

+49 89-18 94 69-1453
@ katharina.kratzer@unternehmertum.de

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The most important aspects at a glance

  • Target Group

    The programme addresses:

    Founders from Germany with 1 to 3 years entrepreneurial experience: New Entrepreneurs

    as well as

    Well versed entrepreneurs from Germany with at least 3 years experience: Host Entrepreneurs

  • Process

    1.    Online application
    2.    Program acceptance and access to the intranet with the entrepreneurs`profiles.
    3.    Matching and submission of the working plan.
    4.    Collaboration within the company of the host entrepreneur.


    1 to 6 months.


    Travel and accommodation costs for New entrepreneurs will be subsidised by the European Union. Host entrepreneurs take part free of cost.


Opportunities for Start-ups


    As a new entrepreneur you will gain experience through on-the-job training, by managing a successful small or medium-sized business. You will learn about the market in the host country in question and apply these to your own projects, e.g. in the field of market research or business development. The knowledge which you have gained will accelerate and add to your start-up.


    You are eligible for this program, if:

    • You already have a business plan with the firm intention of founding your own business in the near future or
    • You started up your business in the last three years.
  • Program Participants 2016

    "Fresh ideas and new perspectives“ – Participants of Erasmus für Young Entrepreneurs im Interview 


    As a host entrepreneur you will pass on your know-how and your experience to a highly motivated young entrepreneur and, in return, will be rewarded with new ideas and knowledge about other European market trends – a benefit particularly if you also want your firm to be successful beyond the borders of your own country. You will incur no costs in the process.
    Just contact us!


    You are eligible for this program, if:

    • You currently run a small or medium-sized business and
    • You are prepared to pass on your knowledge and experience as a mentor.



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