We have what you need

To turn a good idea into a successful business. Qualification, consultation, funding – we offer everything necessary to found a successful company and expand your business, from the initial idea to entry into the market to growth. Unternehmertum Venture Capital finances promising young technology companies with international market potential.. Put our expertise to use!

Our offerings focus on the founding stage

Our services for the successful launch and expansion of a business cater to the specific requirements in the founding stages of a company.


Recognise opportunities

Discover the potential of your idea or technology. With our servicesyou can find out whether your idea is a entrepreneurial chance and discover the commercial potential of your technology. Does your business idea meet a customer´s need? How big is the market, and who are your  competitors?

Develop concepts

From idea to business concept – we  offer you support to develop your business plan , build your prototype and we assist you with the funding of/for your business.

Set up your business

Get started! We support you with the founding of your company, the setting up of the team and the structure of your organisation.  And we will help you to develop a strategy for successful market-entry.

Ensure growth

Put your start-up's finances on the right foundation.We help you find a well-balanced funding mix for growth. And we help you to explore new markets.

Executive Education

Our executive training programmes explore entrepreneurial methods, tools, and perspectives that are useful for experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs alike. The programs encompass short courses, customized in-house trainings, and the Executive MBA in innovation and Business Creation.