Communication Toolbox for Doctoral Candidates


Enthuse your audience with Storytelling, Design Thinking & Rapid Prototyping!

The workshop 'Communication Toolbox for Doctoral Candidates' will enable you to inspire and convince different audiences of your research. Through storytelling, you will learn how to create an audience-oriented story of your project which helps you to spark your listeners’ interest, and to successfully convey the relevancy of your research.

With Rapid Prototyping, you can transfer any theoretical or complex topic into a tangible visualization (prototype). Thereby, you make research comprehensible and accessible for your listeners – also outside the scientific community.

The English workshop is directed at doctoral candidates and post docs of all disciplines.

how you will benefit:
  • Storytelling: Enthuse and convince your desired (non-scientific) group of listeners of your research by telling your story

  • Rapid Prototyping: Build simple prototypes of your research to convey your message comprehensibly

  • Design Thinking: Get to know new creativity techniques for your daily work in the inspiring environment of UnternehmerTUM

  • Audience-centeredness: Learn to understand your listeners and stakeholders in order to tailor your conversation according to their needs and wants

  • Confidence: Become more confident in communicating your research outside the scientific community


The next workshop will take place on May 27-28, 2020. For registration please click here.

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The most important aspects at a glance

  • Target group

    Doctoral students and Post-Docs – especially from the TUM Graduate School.

  • Format


  • Duration

    two days

  • Language


  • requirements

    Curiosity and openness!

  • Course fee

    Doctoral students from the TUM Graduate School: EUR 40.
    Fees for students from other universities or Post-Docs: after consultation

  • Course Instructor

    Anna Renner

  • Date and location?

    May 27-28, 2020: Garching

    The location is at the Entrepreneurship Center of UnternehmerTUM and TUM. The center hosts creative working spaces such as the TUM Incubator and the 1500 square-meter high-tech workshop MakerSpace.