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04 October 2018
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

UnternehmerTUM unveiled the ‘initiative appliedAI’ at a press conference on April 11. UnternehmerTUM, together with 26 leading technology and industrial groups such as Google, NVIDIA, Allianz, Linde, Porsche Consulting, SAP and Siemens, as well as several well-known partners from politics and science, has set itself the goal of driving applied artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany.

For this purpose it wants to convey a broad understanding of AI, its importance and its potential applications. The social and economic impact of artificial intelligence will also be discussed.

Artificial intelligence is key to our future viability. Digitalization is a decisive innovation driver for the economy, and machine learning is a very important aspect of it. That is why I fully support the initiative appliedAI. Our common goal is to be one step ahead of international competition in the future

Franz Josef Pschierer, Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology

With its 26 partners, selected start-ups and over 100 dedicated students, the initiative is already one of the biggest in Europe in the field of applied artificial intelligence. It offers start-ups, medium-sized and large companies as well as technology partners an open, non-profit and neutral platform on which to bundle their expertise. As a result, it brings together partners, enterprises and households and interested parties under one roof to work on innovative AI solutions for a variety of application areas and to accelerate their deployment.

"Artificial intelligence is already influencing how we’ll travel, feed ourselves and work in the future. The developments in recent years in the field of autonomous driving or in robotics alone make it clear that AI has great significance for the future of our economy and our society," says Dr. Andreas Liebl, CEO of UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH and head of the initiative appliedAI.

We have joined forces with leading industrial and technology companies in order to clarify the technology by means of knowledge sharing, qualification and prototyping and to accelerate its application.

Andreas Liebl, CEO of UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH and head of the initiative appliedAI

stories-applied-ai-initiative-pschierer-und-liebl © UnternehmerTUM / Bert Willer

v.l.: Franz Josef Pschierer, Dr. Andreas Liebl

In the KI laboratory in Garching near Munich, UnternehmerTUM provides all interested parties with state-of-the-art hardware, the knowledge of local experts, consulting on the development of AI technologies, and help with establishing their areas of application. NVIDIA, as one of the leading companies in the field of AI and autonomous driving, is providing its expertise and hardware in the field of GPU processor technology.

"NVIDIA is committed to the appliedAI initiative because it offers a unique network of startups, industry and science in Germany," say Jaap Zuiderveld, Vice President of NVIDIA EMEAI.

Artificial intelligence will not become a branch of industry, it will become an integral part of every sector. UnternehmerTUM is the right partner to transform the promise of AI technology into real results.

Jaap Zuiderveld, Vice President of NVIDIA EMEAI.

Further information on the initiative appliedAI is available at:

Title image (f.l.): Jörg Migende (BayWa), Carl McQuillan (Pure Storage), Gemma Garriga (Allianz), Christoph Steiger (Hoffmann Group), Deepa Gautam-Nigge (SAP), Norbert Lütke-Entrup (Siemens), Dr. Andreas Liebl (appliedAI), Dirk Pfitzer (Porsche Consulting), Aksoy Grüner (Pure Storage), Dirk Ramhorst (Wacker), Franz Josef Pschierer (Bayerischer Staatsminister für Wirtschaft, Energie und Technologie), Philipp Karmires (Linde Group), Dr. Reinhard Ploss (Infineon), Wieland Holfelder (Google), Jaap Zuiderveld (Nvidia), Stefan Läufer (GC Gruppe), Dr. Torsten Jeworrek (Munich RE), Michael Tagscherer (Giesecke+Devrient), Ewa Dürr (Google), Dr. Holger Wittges (ZD.B), Alexander Waldmann (appliedAI)

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