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25 November 2020
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has long since ceased to be a niche technology, and in many cases it has entered the mainstream - especially in larger companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) also increasingly want to follow this trend in order to remain competitive. However, the start must be well planned and evaluated to avoid disappointment. A solid basic understanding is an important pillar for this. In cooperation with the Bavarian State Ministry, the appliedAI initiative of UnternehmerTUM has developed a free online course on the topic of "AI in business and economy" in order to specifically support SMEs in the application of AI.

Now available in English language!

AI for medium-sized enterprises

Dr. Till Klein, Senior Manager at the appliedAI Academy, and his team have designed the online course especially for individuals and companies who have had little or no contact with AI so far and want to get an overview of the use cases and effects. "We deliberately address AI beginners and focus the course on the use of AI in areas and processes that we find in many companies, e.g. production, logistics, human resources, finance, or marketing," says Klein. The advantage: Participants from these areas do not have to "grapple" with technical terms, but learn how AI can create added value in their familiar environment. This understanding is important for tackling their own AI projects.

AI is not only for techies. Many roles are required to be successful with the introduction of AI systems.

Dr. Till Klein

appliedAI has the vision to accompany Germany into the AI age and in doing so, medium-sized companies play an important role. The application of AI can be seen as a journey with different phases and milestones. "We want to help companies to take the first step, to deal actively with AI and to gain first experiences. AI is also a team sport and no longer just a topic for techies. During the introduction, there are points of contact within the entire organization, from the management to the domain department to the individual business processes in which AI is to be used," says Klein. "Of course, the AI experts play a central role in this, but so do teams that embed the systems in the organization or use them later.

Especially in times of crisis, companies can invest in their employees by offering free training courses

The online course aims to inspire as many participants as possible with AI and encourage them to proactively manage the changes that come with this technology - in their own company or department, but also as individuals. Especially in times of crisis, companies can invest in their workforce by offering free training.

The course consists of four modules:

Module 1 deals with the question why one should deal with AI at all. We look at the potential of "creative destruction" of AI, i.e. that AI often makes an existing solution or product redundant. The discussion about global competition in connection with AI helps to classify the current situation in Germany and Europe. A selection of technology trends in the field of AI provide a cautious outlook.

In module 2 we discover how and where AI is already being used in companies. There are special course sections on the use of AI in finance, marketing and sales, human resources, production, logistics, research and development. This part is very hands-on. We look at numerous "impact areas", i.e. areas within a function where AI is particularly suitable, for example quality assurance.

Module 3 deals with the risks that arise when using AI. These are an obstacle for some companies, because they want to avoid possible damage in a preventive way, but do not know what can happen at all. We show what the causes of unwanted behavior of AI systems can be (e.g. data) and what effects this can have (e.g. bias). We also discuss the current debate on the regulation of AI at European level.

Module 4 deals with the impact of AI on the workplace. We look at the job market as a whole, but also at the impact on jobs and tasks. Using different job profiles, we discover the interaction between man and machine and explain how AI teams can be embedded in organizations.

Interested? Then register for the course "Foundations of AI"!

The course is currently available in German and English language and completely free of charge. Successful graduates will receive a certificate!

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