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"Elements of AI": appliedAI Supervises Education Platform for Artificial Intelligence

10 February 2020
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From now on, the free online course "Elements of AI" of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany allows everyone to acquire and test knowledge about artificial intelligence (AI) online. In Finland, where the course was originally developed, more than 270,000 people have now used the service. Our initiative appliedAI has supported the transfer of content of Elements of AI into German and is responsible for the ongoing operation.

The offer can be accessed at and shows how machines learn, recognize images and texts and interact with people. The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) expects the use of AI in all stages of the value chain to grow rapidly over the next five years. "In the digital age, we as the German economy will only remain competitive if we're at the forefront of artificial intelligence, too", says DIHK President Eric Schweitzer about the course objective.

In a joint appeal, the DIHK and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology are campaigning for greater efforts in the field of AI. The worldwide race for technological leadership in artificial intelligence is in full swing, they say. Germany and Europe have a good starting position in this field. "Artificial Intelligence has already arrived in the everyday life of many people and companies," Schweitzer emphasizes. For example, voice-controlled assistants manage shopping lists, fully automatic parking assistants prevent car body damage, AI systems predict malfunctions in machines, and support medical personnel in diagnosis and therapy selection.

The online course, which is supervised by Germany's leading AI initiative appliedAI, is intended to help bring as many people as possible into contact with Artificial Intelligence and reduce fears. The DIHK president explains why: "Every machine, no matter how intelligent, needs a person who understands it." This requires skilled workers with intelligent ideas and the right know-how.

Neither mathematical nor programming knowledge is required to participate in the course held in German. The six modules can be completed online in 30 to 60 hours with completely free time management. The joint call by DIHK President Eric Schweitzer and Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier regarding Artificial Intelligence can be found here in German.

Find out more about how appliedAI ist leading Germany into the AI age.

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