Applied AI MAT 2021
25 November 2021
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To help companies adopt AI, appliedAI, Europe's largest AI initiative, has developed a comprehensive AI Maturity Assessment - a free online tool that allows companies to evaluate the state of their AI adoption and identify development potential.

In the process, appliedAI was supported by its partners Bitkom and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) as part of a cooperative publication. "Companies are aware of the relevance of AI. In order to derive concrete action steps from this, it is important to assess the maturity of the technology in the company. This is made possible by the Maturity Assessment Tool", says Merle Uhl, Policy Officer for Artificial Intelligence and Digitization at Bitkom.

Artificial intelligence is a key technology for industry. The free AI maturity assessment tool from appliedAI offers companies excellent support in order to exploit the potentials of AI in the best possible way.

Oliver Klein, Senior Manager Digitalisation and Innovation, BDI

Together with its partners, appliedAI aims to fulfill its mission of accelerating the application of the latest methods and technologies in the field of AI and shaping Europe's innovative power in the field of AI with this free service.

With the appliedAI maturity assessment tool, we have bundled the collective knowledge of leading AI companies and technology players into a free-to-use tool that any company can now use to start and steer its own AI activities.

Dr. Hendrik Brakemeier, Head of AI Journey bei appliedAI

At a glance

The goal is to use the tool to support companies in their transformative AI journey and in the effective planning and execution of strategic AI activities.

Organizations of all types are thus enabled to identify their individual AI maturity level by means of free, external support, to further develop their own AI strategy in a goal-oriented manner, to drive automated data use, to make business processes more efficient and to bring AI-based products to market. The free tool enables participants to independently assess a company's AI maturity level on the interactive online platform. Based on the result, it provides not only the status quo but also tailored recommendations for action on how AI can be advanced in the organization. The tool is already being used successfully by numerous companies in various European countries.

The appliedAI Maturity Assessment Tool is the most comprehensive tool freely available. It helps organizations to get a thorough understanding where they are and what they need to do to improve themselves.

Dr. Andreas Liebl, Managing Director at appliedAI

The process of the AI maturity assessment - intuitive, fast, free of charge

The maturity assessment with the Maturity Assessment Tool covers ten different company-relevant dimensions - from the overall strategic perspective to the IT infrastructure. Each dimension is assessed in the interactive online survey tool by participants with specific questions on a scale that allows the AI maturity level to be derived for each dimension individually. The full assessment includes 109 questions and takes about 25 minutes in total to complete. In the analysis, companies can distinguish between different teams within the organization to obtain differentiated results and compare departments in detail. Here, participants can choose between technical and non-technical questions for each group. To get a comprehensive, holistic understanding, different employees from different business units should answer the questions. Once the free account has been created for a company, employees can use the survey link to access the maturity assessment without an account or login and anonymously answer the various dimension questions. The answers and evaluations as well as interim results of all assessments are stored in the Maturity Assessment Account of the respective company.

During the assessment, the organization's AI ambition and governance is first assessed through various questions on a Likert scale, reviewing the organization's strategic approach and long-term ambition. In the second step, the process for identifying and prioritizing AI use cases is assessed. The current state of organizational structures in the company, which are important for successful AI application, is also assessed. One section is dedicated to reviewing the technical expertise of employees, which is relevant for successful implementation. The culture section deals with the question of how innovation-friendly the corporate culture is. In the case of data, it is evaluated how well the company is already familiar with the procurement and application of data for the development of ML models. Next, the company's positioning in the AI ecosystem is analyzed, and it is discussed which partnerships could be value-adding for the company. In the final section, participants review the status of AI model implementation in their own company.

Once the assessment is complete, the data is automatically analyzed and visualized in an online dashboard. The company receives an interactive visualization of the results in the company account immediately after completion, with a detailed assessment, comprehensive recommendations for action to optimize AI maturity, and tips for further information. Companies can also use Assessment to regularly evaluate their AI maturity level in order to check the progress of AI maturity development over time and plan targeted improvements.

"As appliedAI, we are working hard towards our goal of improving Europe's innovative power with the help of AI methods. Here, we are not concerned with showcases but with bringing AI into application. Our Maturity Assessment builds on the experiences of our partner companies and is designed to enable interested companies to learn from these experiences in a structured and reliable way. This way, they reach higher maturity levels faster. Many thanks to all partners for their support in the development and publication of the tool", says Dr. Andreas Liebl, Managing Director of appliedAI

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